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Video tour of COURAGEOUS


War Hero
If anyone's interested, good little 20 minute video tour of COURAGEOUS in Guzz, conducted by a bloke who served on her 70-74 called Mike "Pitt" Keathley & A former CO of Warspite. It covers the boat as far aft as the tunnel door, and brought back more than a few memories. They do tours every Thursday, and she's in South Yard.
The link is


War Hero
The layout forward on the V&C's to me were better but the layout aft on the S&T's were light years ahead, all sort of logical. The OMC was a big improvement but putting the bunhouse on two deck on the T's was a mistake.

The vid brings back memories and I 'spose to the unintiated things look cramped and a bit squeezed but to me it looks cosy and familiar! I want one I want one.......not fair not fair.......there's loads up in Rosyth going spare. Think I'll take Swiftsure.................nobody'll miss's not as if they're short of decommissioned boats!!!!


War Hero
Forgot to add, he's hoping to have a book published about COURAGEOUS' Cold War life next year. Could this be the first account of "Our Cold War?" Be nice of it was, but I can't see the "Powers that Be" letting him tell the full story........


War Hero
Retard reference to the special echo sounder AT ALL. WE are all cooks and stewards and ONE item of Naval clothing to be worn at all times!

Destruct bags in each classified compartment. I really wanted that hammer and a shredder that could eat metal and come back for really was important to let go of the stuff being shredded or else your finger nails got trimmed...then the rest of you!

SUBNOTES........................naughty naughty! And all because the Lady T (in my day) loved Milk Tray!

Fun fun fun........and sooooo steely eyed....would we do it now? We wouldn't dare.........would we?
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