Video games or something else?


A child committed suicide recently. The mail are making out that it's the fault of a video game. I disagree. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to stand up and fight the games corner - I don't play them and I certainly don't get uptight like most my generation if you say the game, or their ability to play it, is crap.

I think the issue lies in that he took a look at his step dad, and then at his mum, and realised that if there was someone who would shag something that nasty whilst sober on this planet then he didn't want to live on it.

Picture attached for your **** bank:



As he has a step dad presumably there are 2 people desperate enough: that's worth abandoning this planet for.


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Perhaps he suddenly realised he was part of the game and drew the short straw, think The Matrix, perhaps he should have taken the blue pill!!


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