Victory! You will be able to wear your PJM


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Hurrah! at last.

Here starts the opening of the floodgates of those wearing multiple medals (besides awards for valour) for a single campaign.

Kuwait Liberation Medal to follow, I'd guess.

Rock-On, here's me next month...



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Hurrah! at last.
Kuwait Liberation Medal to follow, I'd guess=QUOTE]

The recommendation is only to do with medals awarded from commonwealth countries.
Unfortunately both Kuwait and Saudi Arabia medals awarded for 1991 Gulf War do not
come from commonwealth countries. The PJM medal was awarded from Malaysia a commonwealth country.


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To be fair, the jubilee medals are a difficult one to reconcile.

Not sure whether the Prince Bill 'n' Kate Wedding Medal should go inbetween the Gold & Diamond JumbleSale gongs.


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I will wear it, when I get it. I've only been waiting 2 years for it.!
I applied for this medal on behalf of my step dad some 3 years ago. Turned out the guy who was the point of contact for the PJM and my step dad were in the same unit, same time. When the guy phoned to check verification, they spent an hour spinning pongo dits.

Still no sign of it though...
By whom ? Not to my knowledge. I applied through the HMS Cavalier Association. I asked the Hon Sec a while back and he said it had been forwarded. Not heard anything since.
I sent my application direct to the Malaysian High Commission 2 years ago, on the application form it stated if you require confirmation of the application being received enclose a sae which I did, to date nothing, hey ho.


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I applied a while ago and got told that I didn't qualify by seven days. Quick answer though. I fax'd it in don't know if that made a diffence.


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To be honest, I'm not going to begrudge any veteran the pleasure of wearing a random additional medal, in fact when it gets to the 50th anniversary of the Falklands, I fully intend doubling my medal cache also, without Royal consent, if I live that long.

In fact, I don't even begrudge the back-aftie, four knot fudge-packing bomber queens their UFO thingy worn above the kissing kippers to signify the reason they haven't got any medals was because they earn more money than anyone else and had they been asked, they would have joined any conflict with enthusiasm rather than unnecessary accuracy.

On the 50th Falklands anniversary, not only am I not going to ask Queen Kate's permission to wear a Jack Sparrow leather tricorn, circumnavigated with beret-badges, but I fully intend driving my medal-laden motorised wheelchair across the gleaming toecaps of the front rank of the Guards band as they play Nimrod, whilst swearing incoherently.

As a civilian, who's arsed about permission?
Veterans to wear Malaysia Medal officially for first time

British veterans awarded the Pingat Jasa Malaysia (PJM) Medal have been given permission by Her Majesty The Queen to wear it for the first time during remembrance events on Sunday.

Full story on MOD website.

This was posted by the Ministry of Defence.


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A GSM & clasp, or a clasp if the GSM was already issued.

The PJM is an additional medal for the same campaign.
The PJM was an additional medal for four British campaign medal clasps, namely GSM/ NGSM " Malaya Emergency 1948/57/60 " GSM/ NGSM "Brunei Insurrection 1962 " GSM 1962 "Borneo Confrontation 1962/66" & finally GSM 1962 "Malaysia Pensinsula 1964/66"
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