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Victory for Common sense??


War Hero
"The judge said it was inappropriate for the court to be dealing with a verbal insult and that to charge 36-year-old Stiddard for his comments was a "nonsense".

IMO The Judge is absolutely right - this case had no business being heard in crown court. Moreover it had no business being heard at all. If it had been part of a longer tirade or racial abuse then yes the offender needed to be brought to account for it but a police caution would definitely have been more appropriate.

This is a victory for common sense but no doubt the judge will end up in trouble for his decision. And as for the Doctor ... worse things happen at sea mate. I wonder how much this one cost the tax payer. Whatever happened to the Sticks and Stones attitude to life?



War Hero
Other newspapers carried that story on the 17th. Is this how Daily Wail journalists get their stories, copy and paste?


Lantern Swinger
Seadog said:
Other newspapers carried that story on the 17th. Is this how Daily Wail journalists get their stories, copy and paste?

My fault for posting late :

This was reported on 16th :

Next time just call him a fat b******. Don't say anything about colour
by LUKE SALKELD - More by this author »

Last updated at 22:46pm on 16th January 2007

Which would make the papers of the 17th.


Lantern Swinger
Quote: The judge replied: "So next time call him a fat bastard and don’t say anything about his colour.

This is the best story in any paper I have read all week.
Good on ya Judge. :razz:
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