Victory Barracks

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Oct 2, 2014.

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  1. Just had a brain seizure and remembered that I once did a stint as a member of the "Barrack Guard"
    in Victory Barracks . Did anyone else ever wind up getting loan drafted there? It was a
    wild and crazy few weeks, because there was all manner of nutters and strange goings on that we had to deal with. I seem to recall it was back in the 70's when there was a "Recess" there and quite a bit of the accommodation was taken up by our foreign chums at the time (Iranians being one lot). Classic fights, robberies, deserters handing themselves in at the gate at daft'o'clock in the morning after being on the run for more than 20 years.........if I can sort out the memories - I'll try and drop a couple of dits in here later, when the mists of time blow away.



    p.s. Can someone remind me of the names of the pubs that had "bad reputations" that were
    on the way to Southsea please? There was like three or four within an area were all the headbangers used to go, specifically one were there was an elderly gent with that condition that had made his face cave in and his eye socket was practically on his cheek. Very well spoken chap he was...but I cannot for the life of me remember the names of the boozers.
    The Swan? I meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
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  2. You got a big choice most had bad reputations.
    Albany, Lenox, Swan, Railway carriers come to mind
  3. Did you walk up to the Traf Club for some 'real' scran? Then later, pay your 10 bob to get your swede down at the Home Club?
  4. Did a stint a few times as barrack guard at Victory in the late 60's, detailed off to go to the Duchess of Kent barracks to patrol the grounds with trusty right angled torch and pick axe handle as the WRNS had been having a few problems with intruders in the barracks at night. Also had to escort WRNS from the main gate as they came back on board from a run ashore and escort them to the front door of the blocks and made sure they got in safely.
  5. The Mighty Fine was near the station if I remember correctly, full of grade A weirdo's.
  6. Our bunch used to mostly start off in Ruby's and then the Criterion by Pompey town station before getting a fast black to Southsea. Sometimes go in the Albany to have a look at the weirdos. Anyone remember that flamboyant bugger that used to flounce in wearing a cape and a huge fedora? Right nest of strange beings that place was.
  7. One sunny afternoon we got a civvie runnin' up to the gate yelling that someone was chucking stuff out of a top floor window at the back of Victory into the street that ran parallel with the accomodation blocks. Off we bimbled and went up the stairs into one of the l-o-n-g many bunked inboard messes, to see a lonely matelot, sobbin' his heart out whilst callously flinging LP records out of the window like thin black frisbees.
    His intention I believe was to try and lop the extremeties off any passing civvy. As luck would have it - he was a crap shot (tear filled eyeballs obviously spoiling his aim). As we frog-marched the bawling c*nt off to the Recess it transpired that his girlfriend had binned him and he was extracting revenge by flinging all her LP's and singles out of his mess window in the vain hope that he might kill someone. If one of his girlfriends discs had been aimed properly - someone down below could have been seriously maimed.
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  8. That sounds like my WEO.
    I wonder... :rolleyes:
  9. Main Gate QM's lobby. About 05:30 a.m.. Me and a baby REM on watch. We've got the job of
    keeping up with the "Shakes Book". For the unitiated - you put down for an early shake with the
    QM - he's up all night so he ambles into your mess and pokes you at your requested time. Anyhow
    there's one nut-job who has to report to the O.O.W. every morning at 06:00 (under open arrest and
    NOT locked pending or something). I send baby greenie off to get him out of his pit.
    "Okay then", says he.
    Off he goes.
    Ten minutes later he strolls back into the office makes a wet of tea, sits down sups tea and carries
    on reading whatever he was reading.
    "You shake ....................?", I enquired.
    "Yes I did - but I don't think he'll be turning up this morning", was the reply.
    "Oh? Why not - he's already in the shit, so it's to his advantage to show up", I replied.
    "Well, he definitely won't be here", says REM
    "Why not?"
    "Cos he's dead......".
    (REM takes a sip of tea and turns the page of his paperback).
    Stuff sort of slowed down from this point for a bit, and as I went through the "you're taking the piss"
    scenario....eventually settling for getting in his face and screaming.
    "YOU FU**ING WHAT!!!??".

    The REM had sauntered into the blokes mess - found his pit and seeing it vacant, decided to check
    the heads and bathrooms thinking that our bloke was already awake. It was in there that he saw
    him hanging from the ceiling on the end of his trusty pussers belt.
    So he had simply made (I suppose) a mental note that AB ***** would not be showing up for muster,
    and had calmly told me so and the reason for it...and then sat his arse down supped tea and got on
    with a bit of pulp fiction. The deceased had not signed the shakes book either.

    Naturally - the shit hit many fans about five minutes later when got the full story, went upstairs and shook everyone I could find including all the duty SIB staff.

    I believe that if I had not actually asked him if AB ****** was awake - he wouldn't have said a word.

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