Vice Admiral Sir Tony Troup

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by scouse, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. Vice Admiral Sir Tony Troup died 8th July Aged 86. He was the youngest ever Submarine Captain. At the age 21 yrs 10 months. When he commanded H 32 in June 43. Also second in command of the RNs first ever angled deck aircraft carrier HMS Victorious 56/59
  2. He was also our skipper on the Intrepid first commish 1967 - 68 and a right *******. Troup by name troup by nature was his nickname.
  3. also commanded Strongbow.Tantalus.Trump and Tally Ho :salut:
  4. Kinell Fred, don't tell me you were in the rattle on INTREPID - thought that watchkeeping scam with Edie Archer in Malta would've taught you a lesson ! Elephant's have good memories - JD's NEVER forget !!
  5. Gawd JD wot was that about?
    I remember 'ship keeping' on trusty Troubridge but wot scam was that?
    I remember being in the krapp on trusty 'T' but I thought that was another 'incident.
    No I was never in the pooh on Intrepid I was a trusted member of society on there. A reverred Leading hand and killick of the greenies mess. Hardest bloody job in the world out the FES working tropical routine trying to get the 'erks' turned too at seven in the morning when they had only arrived back on board half hour earlier!!
    Happy days - not!!

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