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Discussion in 'History' started by hnhnwilliam, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. During the restoration, rebuilding, and enlarging (1933-1935) of The Parish Church of Bishopwearmouth, circa 1214 AD, in Sunderland, a Vice-Admiral G.R.Blount DSO was church warden. We have information and history of some past church wardens but not of Vice-Admiral Blount. I would like to put this to rights. I have done a search but have not come up with anything. I would be gratful if you historians can help. Thank you in anticipation
  2. A quick search turned this up.

    Is this your man?

    George Ronald Blount was born in 1877 and entered the Royal Navy in 1892. By 1912 he had been promoted to Commander and during World War I served in HMS ‘Revenge’ and on the staff of Vice-Admiral Dover, 1914-15. He was promoted to Captain in 1917 and was in command of the monitor HMS ‘Marshall Soult’ taking part in the bombardment of Zeebrugge, 11 May 1917; Ostend, 4 September 1917 and enemy batteries on the Belgian Coast, 18 May 1918. During her service she was frequently attacked by enemy aircraft but sustained no damage or casualties. Blount was promoted to Rear-Admiral and retired at his own request in 1928. He was promoted to Vice-Admiral on the retired list in 1933. Vice-Admiral Blount died in 1964.

  3. Yes thats him.Thank you very much Harry, that was quick.
  4. That's one of the really great things about this site. Thousands of researchers at your finger tips!!

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