Vice Admiral Alfred Charles Sykes CMG RN


I am trying to research a family member, Captain Alfred Charles Sykes.

I have found, in the London Gazette, a despatch which details the battle for Dar-es-Salaam in 1917. Capt Sykes was made CMG as a result - the Gazette says that he was "in command of HMS Challenger, and frequently carried out the duties of Senior Naval Oficer. The shooting of Challenger during the night bombardment of Dar-es-Salaam on 21 August assisted largely in bringing about the surrender."

I gather that HMS Challenger was also involved in the 'Königsberg incident', though she did not play a major part.

Other than that Sykes was promoted Lieutenant in 1891, ended up as a Vice-Admiral and died in 1933, I have not been able to find out anything else about him. Any info, or pointers as to where to look, would be most welcome


Hello VB,
I hope this helps you a little bit

Navy List November 1916
HMS Challenger
(Light Cruiser)
Captain (in Command) Alfred C.Sykes
Appointed in command March 1915
Alfred Charles Sykes : Date of seniority - 30 June 1909

Navy List November 1902
Lt Alfred C.Sykes
Navigation Specialist
Date of seniority : 1 Apr 1891
Serving in HMS Highflyer (Light Cruiser) (Flagship E.Indies Station)
Appointed : 25 Apr 1900

These are the only two Navy Lists that I have that cover the period your relative served but others should be available from your library
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