Vicar tells children Santa is dead

Obviously this knob has never been on a hearts and minds crusade.

And as for the big man with the sack I thought the elves where there to help out and look after the old timer. Typical you just cannot get the staff these days.


War Hero
He is dead!


And this is how!


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Santa is alive..............he asked some teenage lass to sit on his knee in a dirty voice last week in Harrods!
andym said:
Ah you fell for the old Norad Trap!We all know how truthful the septics are!

Such cynicism is terribly unbecoming, andym!
I would NEVER lie to you.

Santa is real! he came to my house last year, and said he was taking my tv and dvd player in to be replaced wih new ones! I'm sure I'll see him this year with them!

(He must have been cold to be wearing that ski mask 8O )