Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dickhead, Oct 11, 2008.

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  1. In the short time we have had six we have a seventh
    The latest one Twigge has limped off and we have been blessed with yet another nonentity Bob Ainsworth!
    The six previous ones have, more or less, been well-spoken But this present one ( Ainsworth) is incoherant and a stranger to the English Language
    Bob has not had one second of military experience not even in the Army Cadets.
    Safe in his hands?

  2. Incoherent... Sorry
  3. It it is not in the least unusual for a Minister to have a portfolio for which they have no apparent prior knowlege or experience to bring to it.We just have to hope that the civil Service Sir Humphreys advising him have our welfare at heart.If he is one of Mr Brown's Yesmen Gawdelpus
  4. That is true. One hopes the Permanent Secretaries have a little experience and are clued up.
    Not so in Defence I fear. So far as Veterans is concerned (a new branch of the Ministry) The salvation army would be better equipped to run it.
  5. . You aver that Ministers and Secretaries of State have been appointed with little or no prior knowledge of their portfolio. Tansport SOS's must have travelled by road rail and sea to know something of their
    Schools Ministers attended school and university. They will know something of that.
    Health Ministers too will know something of hospitals and illness.
    But Veterans' Ministers unless they have been veterans will know nothing of the complexities of service life.
    Each of the six we have endured have been out of their depth and sought early release.
    What is the point of the expense in having one? ( Half a million pounds a year in salaries ofiice rentals and travelling and subsistence allowances alone) To what avail?
  6. You seem very clued up on what's going on in Westminster, ********. However, as Rt Hon Bob Ainsworth MP was appointed Minister of State for the Armed Forces on 29 June 2007, I fear your information might be a little dated. Get back to us when you have something worthwhile to say.
  7. Herewith! He is now our Veterans' Minister quite different from his former Defence minister post. Worthwhile?
  8. Not really.
  9. Equally useless are you suggesting?

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