Veterans Week Social Weymouth


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Comrades! :smile:

I am going to be darn in weymouth weekend of 9th & 10th June for the veterans do with CFIVA

(I maybe falling in to the right of myself as I seem to be the only ABiH veteran in the UK, with no organisation and CFIVA have took me in like a stray :sad: )!

Anyhoo as they (weymouth veterans week) are having a falklands commemoration at the same time I was wondering if any of you 'orrible lot on here will be going down for it? I now its only january, but I need to get things in me dairy (mooo mooo), so if anybody wants to meet up (bearing in mind its between guzz & pompey) we could have a few scoops?

Warning, I will be there with in-laws in tow. My father in-law is from Siberia and he is a vodka machine. It could get messy! :shock:


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For those that haven't been to the Veterans event its well worth the effort. They claim that about 2,000 Vets march each year. In addition to the March various other things are planned.


Any past or present Submariners planning to attend the March PM me for Dorset Branch of the Submariners Association meeting points before and after the parade. A warning to those who haven't paraded in recent years one pint is enough before the parade.

I will post any additional information that comes my way

For anyone in the area on Saturday 16th June 2007 a wreath will be laid at the Sidon Memorial at Portland Heights. For information on Sidon see and look at the Sidon section

Details as to time of wreath laying will be made later but it is usually around 1100 hours. Very informal, just placing the wreath and a minutes silence. Retiring to the Portland Heights Hotel afterwards