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Lantern Swinger
Ref WPAFCC ENT/0028/2012
The Tribunal cannot leave this judgment without remarking that this Response in this case has been one of the most disorganised and illogically compiled the Tribunal Judge has considered for many years. This level of disorganisation lengthened the hearing time preparation and inhibited the understanding of litigant in person. It is a poor reflection on Veterans UK who are responsible for compiling the Response and inhibits the efficient administration of justice in these appeals.
Signed) Mr H Lederman
Judge of the First-tier Tribunal
12th August 2018.
These are the Judges remarks concerning Veterans UK's pathetic responses in a Nuclear Test Veteran's appeal.
We have to suffer Veteran UK's inefficiency on a daily basis.
Mind you they are extremely efficient at posing for photographs with the Veterans Minister of the day presenting the waste of money Veterans Badges.

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