Veteran's magazine and Veteran's badge.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by bowlineonthebight, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. MOD have just informed last financial year costs of.

    1. Producing Veteran's World £42,088.19

    Manufacturing and distributing Veterans' badges. All nicely enamelled don't you know.

    Nearly £700.000 in each year to give Mr Twigg a platform to parade on.
    £700,000 would have provided our brave troops with a bit more armed cover.
    Mr Twigg will be at the next Veteran's Badge ceremony no doubt.
    All nicely enamelled don't you know.
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    "MOD have just informed last financial year costs of.

    1. Producing Veteran's World £42,088.19" quote.

    Not having read it I wouldn't know, but if it does advertising I'd imagine they'd get the £42k back and some.
  3. No advertising to speak of .
    Who in their right mind would advertise in such a useless publication. You are well advised not to have read it . Make you go blind you know.
  4. They are nice badges, and I know a few people who have them. I have also been out doing recruiting events and seen a lot of the old timers come up to us wearing them, and telling us how proud they are to have them.

    Considering the amount of time some people have put into the Armed Forces, I think that for once the MoD has done something right..
  5. I got mine and then I forgot to wear it on 11/11; ho hum.
  6. Nice Badges?
    What is the point of them?
    What is the point of some Trade Unionist Badge in addition to the medals one would have been given for service in Korea,Malaya , Suez or The Falklands.
    If it is to point out--I only served in Plymouth or Culdrose for the tenure of my service That's sad Nice Badge that it may be. Worth every penny It is not.
  7. Norman, bowline whatever you want to call yourself, I have to date refrained from adding to your threads, but FFS, what do you get out of it. You have asked some pertinent questions, then turn them into puerile rantings.

    The vets badge, I wear mine with pride, as do a lot of ex forces, I take it you have no pride in having served your country (if you did that is).

    When all is said and done the 1.2 Million £'s spent on the badge and magazine is a drop in the ocean compared to what is wasted elsewhere.

    So please **** OFF
  8. Of course I wear my medals with pride Korea ,Malaya and Suez GS and the Efficiency Decoration from subsequent Army service . I wear them with pride. Had I served in Colchester Garrison or HMS Seahawk for my service life Iwould not draw attention to it by wearing the VeteransBadge.
    That says I have no medals as I did nothing but this badge suggests I did,
    Nearly Three Quarters of a Million Pounds to produce that bauble to make you feel better. Wear it by all means but it serves only to display you did nothing in your Armed Forces service that warranted the issue of a medal
  9. Bowline, some people may feel it is more appropriate to wear a simple badge than a chest full of medals, and even they did never see a battle, they still signed up and did their time, knowing full well that the country could well have called on them to do their bit.

    They put themselves forward for the country, and surely that deserves a small little badge if nothing else!

    Who the bloody hell are you to question their contribution to their country?
  10. Sorry to disappoint you Norman, but I do have a GSM, but in answer to your point about those who have not received any kind of decoration, without those who work behind the lines, or in shore establishments, the front line forces could not operate, which brings me to the point of believing that you did not serve at all
  11. A drop in the ocean it may or may not be. £ !.2 million to make those people who served in the Armed Forces for 22 years or so in Drake or Nelson or Collingwood or Seahawk or that other place in Yeovil , to make them feel important and brave The wearing of a Veterans Badge without campaign medals merely draws attention to the fact one served in the armed forces for numerous years but did nothing but earn(sic) ones pension This lovely enammelled badge tells everyone so.
  12. Hmm, bought them off Ebay did you?
    I'm surprised you didn't list a cycling proficiency one too....

    I wear my Veterans badge with pride, I keep my medals in a draw, they are my reminders and I don't need to pin them on my chest to show them off to people to try and justify my service.
  13. In a draw?
    Can I buy a book of tickets?
  14. Pertinent- peurile -bowline-rantings?
    By Hck There's poetry writ large.
    Peurile rantings?? A darkened room beckons.
  15. Don't feed him, and he might go away.
  16. Thanks for reminding me that I have a veterans badge..I didn't wear it on 11/11 because I forgot all about it,until I read this thread!
    That doesn't mean I don't think anything of it, I just forgot about it...and I don't really think of myself as a 'veteran' (I'll be 50 in two weeks time)

    Nice badge though...It's enamelled don't you know ;P
  17. Good man! No need to wear that expensive bauble that serves only to display one has no NGSM or Falklands medal--But the redoubtable Mr twigg recognises my service as a Barrack Stanchion
  18. Chrisz for a second there I thought my monitor had become a mirror!
  19. One point bowline, ever thought about submariners? They don't receive medals, therefore the veterans badge would be the only thing to show they served their country for 22, spending alot of it underwater in a metal tube?
    Reckon they shouldn't get something to show for it, even if it is some small enamelled pin badge?????

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