Veterans ID card

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by type42stoker, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. Re: Veteran's ID card

    Seems the readership of the Independent are a wee bit anti-veteran!!!

    Probably the same conchies who win wars from armchairs and would complain about the right to complain.
  2. Re: Veteran's ID card

    Whether you agree with it or not I hate the disrespect some of the people commenting make
  3. Re: Veteran's ID card

    Agreed, but you will alway get disrespectful people in every walk of life. I've seen some extremely disrespectful views aired in threads on RR too. I was always taught if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. :thumbright:
  4. Re: Veteran's ID card

    Keyboard friggin' warriors for you.
  5. Re: Veteran's ID card

    Yeah, the most threatening thing they've been confronted with is probably an airline salad..... :lol:
  6. Re: Veteran's ID card

    Cant believe that 42 :wink: :safe:
  7. Re: Veteran's ID card

    They can stuff their "Smart ID Card" up their arse! I'm not gong to carry one or be on any ******* database that some think civil servant will put on a flash drive and leave on a train for any Ned/Chav to nick!
  8. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Re: Veteran's ID card

    I'd agree, but then again I'm not lingering on some NHS waiting list hoping to visit a trick cyclist for PTSD or waiting for treatment for severe tinitus, or damaged knee joints or...........................

    I expect those who are will leap at the opportunity to have their treatment sped up despite the thought of becoming a test population for the ID card scheme. When I recently went to my doctor about going deaf and possible treatment for tinitus the first thing he asked was whether I served in the Armed Forces - maybe the message is getting through without the ID card?
  9. Re: Veteran's ID card

    I must admit having been a faithfull and reguklar net contributor to the system for some 45 years I am willing to take anything on offer that benefits me and mine, it that means carrying a Veterans ID Cartd so be it.
  10. Re: Veteran's ID card

    My writer "forgot" to ask me for my ID card when I left and coming to the USA it has been used many times over the yrs. Going up the Empire State building, 50% off, cinemas, Mickey duck and has also got me out of a speeding ticket or two.

    But THE biggest thing here is "my fellow Americans" still do not believe me when I tell them that when you leave, the gate hits yer ass and its dont come back Jack. No benefits, medical dental etc etc, nada zip zilch squat
  11. Re: Veteran's ID card

    See you on Friday!! Mine will be used in Seaworld!!! YEE HAA
  12. Re: Veteran's ID card

    temps will be low 80's 20% chance of rain
  13. Re: Veteran's ID card

  14. Re: Veteran's ID card

    Is that with or without an annuity, also the septics don't understand "socialist health care".... :D , what more benefits do you need when you walk out the gate in the UK.... :wink:
  15. Re: Veteran's ID card

    When I left the gates of Drake barracks for the last time, I didn't even get a 'thank you' 'kiss my arse' or anything,
    It was more a case of "just hand your ID card over and return various items of kit back to know where the main gate is, close it when you go out" and that was it I was a civvy :)

    I enjoyed my time in the mob, but I have also enjoyed my time out of it :D
  16. Re: Veteran's ID card

    In the best traditions of the Service, last time I went to the States, I furnished myself with a 'Vet's' ID card -colour photo, lots of crowns and crests, the immortal words 'If found, return to the nearest Royal Naval establishment' etc etc, then laminated! Worked a treat - all the hotel discounts we needed! :D :D
  17. Re: Veteran's ID card

    I needed something like that around my neck when I was out on the piss in Guz or Pompy
  18. Re: Veteran's ID card

    Tsk, fookin' Taxi :lol:

    It seems to me that the Government is slowly but surely taking up Robert A. Heinlens 'Starship Troopers' service for Citizenship idea, whereby you serve in the Forces and are then entitled to vote, take part in Politics etc.
    First the Veteran's badge and now the Veteran's Card.
    Surely exclusive suffrage for Ex and Serving Forces people can't be far off. 8O

    PS Expecting the return of Norman soonest!
  19. Re: Veteran's ID card

    That's the last time I loan you my Coco Chanel little black cocktail dress you bitch.... :lol:

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