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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by thingy, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. Veterans: Identity Cards

    Mr. Donaldson: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what plans he has to introduce a veterans' identity card; what benefits this card will provide; and if he will make a statement.

    Mr. Kevan Jones: Following the recommendation for a Veterans ID Card in the National Recognition Study undertaken by my hon. Friend, the Member for Grantham and Stamford the (Mr. Davies), the associated issues, options and approximate costs have been determined. These are being considered by Ministers and it is intended to make a statement after further consultation.

    HC Deb 8 December 2008 c30W

    PS: Mods: If there is already a thread on this please could you incorporate it.
  2. ALL ex vets here get a card. Its of great value where a "Military Discount" is given. Here in the US, they value the service given by vets to this country. As I am sure you all know, when we leave, its a case of goodbye and dont let the gate hit your ass on the way out...................

    But US Vets, get a card and use it for a whole host of things. Onvious is the "Commisary".....non in the UK. Mickey Duck and other Florida attractions.........even Movies. Ever tried asking for a discount at your local your local cinema?

    Fortunetly, my writer "forgot" to ask me for mine, as he knew we were coming to the US. Pix a bit old now, 11 yrs, but I still use it.
  3. Forces Reunited do a credible discount card - they keep asking me to get one, I mght break yet .... ;)
  4. There is alos one available from

    This offers quite a few discounts and I have used this on more than one occasion. :thumright:
  5. The Vue at Gunwharf Quay does offer discounted rates for servicemen and women.
  6. Interestingly, They offer a greater discount to students then service persons.....
  7. I rest my case!
  8. What's the problem with that?
  9. Paul Calf mode ON

    'cos they're fcukin' students!

    Paul Calf mode OFF
  10. not a bad idea...but its just another card to lose/steal and its got id on it you dont want to lose.
  11. To be honest unless you end up getting some real benefits from having it it will probably do less for me than the stack of membership cards I already have. In the US it is different, a combination of access to the PX system and the wide range of every day places that give discounts against military ID makes having such a card a real money saver for many. In the UK I think my bus pass probably is worth more than any Vets Card from Gordon and his cronies.
  12. Perhaps it's a good thing that we do not have the American system Maxi. Though I enjoyed shopping in the Px stores somehow the prospect of being able to use an overpriced NAAFI store holds little joy for me. :money:
  13. Slim

    I did say real benefits, not access to the NAAFI, after all it was the store of last resort, at least on boats we ran our own canteen, and any profit stayed on the boat.
  14. Must admit it would be nice to have a card giving access to Snr rates mess or in the case of occifers Wardrooms. However the USA occifer and SNCO clubs are run differently to ours, they don't have any mess fees for starters so would it be fair for lots of old farts to descend on our respective messes and expect free membership?
    I think not and if you live near enough to an RN establishment it is sometimes possible for ex members to gain honorary membership of the mess and still contribute by paying mess fees. :w00t:

    Apart from the mess I see very little that I want now from a service establishment.
  15. Well I am a life member of both Dolphin and Faslane though I suspect the rights at the fort have been diminisged somewhat. There have been a few times when using the accomodation may have been handy but the hassle of getting in the gate was not worth it. Yes a Vets Pass would have made a difference. My nearest NAAFI became a Spar and has now closed, even the carless at the barracks can save enough going to Tesco to pay for the taxi.

  16. A good thing, you sniffing something naughty today. Serving and ex Mil drive for miles to their nearest PX for major savings especially booze n fags. The American PX is zero comparison to a bloody Naafi FFS.

    Discounts to serving and ex here are very wide and encompass nearly everything you should need in your daily life, especially here concerning Mickey Duck .

    So you think we as ex service men dont deserve some form of gratitude.....
  17. The American system is brilliant. However we in this great country do not have the Px or the discounts that the American ex servicemen enjoy.

    I was not berating the American system, read what I wrote. I was complaining that if we had the American system the benefit of shopping at an overpriced establishment like the NAAFI was not exactly a benefit I would use.

    Now if only we could have the American system in it's entirety :w00t:
  18. Slim, as b4............not one of my golfing buddies over here, (most ex servicemen............'Nam etc), believe me when I tell them that after 24 yrs in the Pusser, I get f' all apart from my pensh........No ID card, (although I kept it), no perks etc etc.

    Really, unless you know a yank mil guy, us "Brits" have no idea how much the UK gov gives a crap.
  19. As I see it CG if the government care little about the servicemen and women who are still serving they are going to care less for those who are not.
    The Americans know how to look after their ex service personnel and it doesn't even cost a great deal of cash, how much would it cost to let ex service personnel use base facilities? It would of course have to be on a basis which didn't impact on those still serving.
    Still I did my 22 years and have now enjoyed my service pension for 23 years and hope I enjoy it for many years to come, not many of my civilian friends enjoy that perk. :thumright:
  20. True...........I have 3 1/2 yrs to go till I am 55 then I await to see what happens?

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