Veterans Day Portsmouth July 7th

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Nicks, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. I see there is a Veterans and Falklands show down on Southsea Common on that weekend.Is anyone on here going down on the Saturday for a look round,also they must be a Beer tent so we could have a little meet up for a drink or two if people are interested ?

    Details below:

    Veterans and Airborne Forces Weekend

    Address Southsea Common
    Clarence Esplanade

    Telephone 023 8076 0141

    Email Veterans and Airborne Forces Weekend

    Summary A weekend of celebration, commemoration and re-union for Britain’s veterans, current armed forces and cadets

    Description The weekend of celebration, commemoration and reunion for Britain’s veterans on Southsea Common includes music, activities and displays from the Parachute Regiment Band and Parachute Regiment Freefall Team - The Red Devils, as well as tri-service displays from regular, reserve and cadet forces, service charities and recruiting teams. The 25th Anniversary of the Falklands conflict features strongly, with the South Atlantic Medal Association and Falklands Veterans Foundation attending the event. Falklands Veterans will also form an independent guard within the parade on Sunday 8 July. Open to veterans and public alike, the event is free. For further information about the service and how to take part in the Veterans parade please contact The Portsmouth Branch of The Parachute Regimental Association by email [email protected] or telephone 023 8076 0141

    Event Type Displays

    Target Audience For all the Family

    Date(s) 07/07/2007 To 08/07/2007

    Admission Free

    Parking Location Various pay & display car parks and bays near by

    Directions Follow signs for seafront
  2. Re: Portsmouth July 7th

    I thought I would bounce this as I cant edit the title to Veterans Day Portsmouth !!

    OH Yes I Can !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumright:
  3. I shall be going to this on the Sunday, along with some of the other SAMA82 guys as we are marching as part of the day.

    The Pegasus bar will be open for some soft drinks and crisps on the day.
  4. may stop by for a vimto and bag of cheesy onion then :thumright:
  5. I will be the advance party for you today then, hopefully a few more on here might be there today as well.
  6. Hope the weekend goes well lads and the weather holds out.Respect
  7. Well I had a great time there Saturday,there was 6 of us in a sea of maroon berets and hats !!

    Nice to meet Chris,Scouse and Steve of the Sheffield and the ex Mayoress of Gosport,the beer tent opened at 12.00 and shut at 6.00pm and we didnt move from next to it for the whole 6 hours.
  8. Spent the day helping out on the Royal British Legion stand, met Brigham suited and booted
    Impressed at the amount of hipflasks being passed round the Falklands vets platoon whilst formed up in the arena.

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