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Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by morsehorse, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. This letter appear in the Daily Mail

    The Mod hasn't "secretly slashed disability for veterans(Mail) The change was made not to save the department money,but to ensure individuals didn't receive duplicate benefits.It was made following consultation with the Royal British Legion and other veterans groups - none of whom objected.
    The change won't affect troops injured in current or future conflicts: it applies only to service personne injured before 2005l who receive benefits under the War Pension Scheme

    Armed Forces Minister
    Ministry of Defence

    Another way of saving money methinks!!

    I am in receipt of Unemployability Supplement awarded in 2001 and when my husband died in 2005 was not entitledt o a Widows Pension awarded by the DWP because it was an overlapping benefit!!
    How can it be overlapping when I was in receipt of UNSUPP for 4 years

    It makes my blood boil.

    Name the other Veterans Groups please
  2. MH
    not sure about your widows pension and late hubby's N.I contributions
    however when my Wife died [2003] I recieved a bereavement
    lump sum and a further bereavement weekly paid benefit amounts for one year . Was working full time . Retired in 2005 and was led to believe the 'widowers pension' became part of my OAP payments in the additional pension amounts paid along wth serps etc
    Wife was a Nurse so I get a NHS pension amount paid seperately .

    I think aswell if I remarried there would be some alterations to the payment amounts !!


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