Veteran's Badge - Intended qualification change

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by F169, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. F169

    F169 New member

  2. dt018a9667

    dt018a9667 New member

    As per usual our friend brown is jumping in the bandwagon.
    I think it is about time he is taken down a peg or two.
    I not sure how, but the best I can think of is to vote it out of office alongside all his cronies.
  3. Lingyai

    Lingyai New member

    Ooh, Ooh ! Not only do you get medals for being in a war zone, after 25 years some prick decides you can have a badge?
    Anyone who has been to a war has their medals, why the hell would they want a poxy badge?
  4. RabC

    RabC War Hero

    What a load of left wing snivelling Brown nosing crap. Still shouldn't comment as I left the country to avoid that kind of rubbish.
  5. subset

    subset New member

    If I stay in much longer I'll be able to wear one on my uniform the way things are going.
  6. Jimmy_Green

    Jimmy_Green War Hero

    From the website...

    "It is the aim, eventually, to include all those who Served in HM Armed Forces, however the demand for the badge continues to be high. There will be further extensions to the scheme on a chronological basis when the current demand has been fulfilled."

    And as for subset wearing one on his uniform...

    "The badge is a survivors’ badge, which is to be worn on civilian attire."
  7. finknottle

    finknottle Banned

    Well done New Labour what a fine bunch of chaps they are. As I joined up in 65 it means that I can now wear my veterans badge with pride.
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Christ, service in the queens colours is now reduced to a political ping pong match, I despair, I really fcuking do.

    How many years is the going rate for murdering a politician now?
  9. wardmaster

    wardmaster New member

    Snap! I wear mine on my jimjams. :grin:
  10. safewalrus

    safewalrus New member

    the badge is OK, lets people know that some did survive the politicians cock ups! (more by luck than judgement) It's that stupid Veterans Day gets me going - why the Hell 27th June or was it July what the Hell happened then? We've got our day 11th of the 11th - if the goverment really whats to prove it cares about its 'old soldiers' (ha! ha! thata's a joke of course it bloody doesn't, but it could get votes) How about making the 11th November a Bank Holiday? let everybody remember it properly, like the rest of Europe does (but I forget theyv'e been occupied and can remember what it's like, this shower, can't even be bothered to watch war films in case someone calls a foreigner a naughty word!)
  11. finknottle

    finknottle Banned

    The old brown hatters overalls, those striped jobs we were issued with were a bugger to get skidders out of.
  12. wardmaster

    wardmaster New member

    I was only joking. I only kept the issued jimjams for kit musters. Actually wearing them was inviting scorn, derision and possibly physical violence (of a heterosexual kind of course!) No, it was underpants for me like all my messmates.
  13. Oil_Slick

    Oil_Slick New member

    Well, couldn't have May 8, we were still fighting the Japanese, and we couldn't have August 14 as the Dear Leader goes off on his annual free holiday with some rich and vaugely famous 'celebrity' then…

    So, NuLabour chose a date halfway between the two.

    Simple innit? :???:
  14. finknottle

    finknottle Banned

    I loved wearing mine, as they chafed your skin just like a hair shirt.
  15. dt018a9667

    dt018a9667 New member

    How many years is the going rate for murdering a politician now?[/quote]

    Let be me be the first to give you a hand when you find out.
  16. finknottle

    finknottle Banned

    I fail to understand all this bitterness towards the government over this issue. I for one will be proud to wear my badge and in time we veterans could become a powerful political force; if we can get our act together.
  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I agree with Fink, the badge seems reasonably well made, decent design, and a way of recognising someone who may be worth drinking with if your away from home

    SILVER_FOX New member

    I suspect the bitterness is aimed at politicians generally, rather than just the government. The issue seems to be about getting one over on each other rather than looking after those who have served who only get something when it seems to suit those in positions of influence (or those who wish to be) best.

    Does that about sum it up???


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