Veterans Badge for the older seadogs

Just seen an article in my local rag about the veterans badge the Government is giving out to the old servicemen . It was basically to recognise the WW2 vets but due to the time lag there aren't many of them left .
However initially the badge qualifying dates were up to and including the time served before December 31 1954..

They have now changed the goal posts
from 27 June 2006 the qualifying date will be changed to 31 Dec 1959

For those entitled---------------contact :
Veterans Agency
BLACKPOOL FY5 3WP Tele. No. 0800 169 2277

Its for all UK Armed Forces ,Merchant Navy,Cyprus Regiment and Home Guard .

As I did my bit during those dark days ---- Missed Suez but did some time in Cyprus!! I will apply!! :) :)


Well done the government eh ! about giving something more than a badge, why don't we do what the Yanks do and provide decent medical care, real benefits etc
Not sure if we in the UK would benefit --------------unless the cards were linked to a Private Health care thing within the UK NHS

At the moment --everyone over 60 in the UK gets prescription medication for free.
Dental--we pay
Optical services--we pay
Hospital services are free


Many thanks for that Greenie, my Dad's eightieth birthday is coming up... I can't think of a more suitable birthday present... wish me luck!


I sent of for my Veterans Badge and my children think it is hysterical that their mum is a Vet.

I am hoping it arrives before Rememberance Sunday and if not then I will will wear mine when I attend the Old Sweats Reunion in the New Year.


I think the qualify date is now up to 1994.I joined up in 82 and sent off for my badge a few months ago.They actually hand them out as part of your routine for leaving the Mob now.Nice wee badge though.



I got my Veterans Badge last year, and I left the RN in 1994. Nice badge received in a nice box. Wore it yesterday for the first time at a dear old friends wife's funeral. A number of others were wearing them also. Yes it was a naval gathering, young and old.

Regards, Chris