Veterans at 'higher suicide risk'


It's a sad fact that the majority of suicides involve men.

As the Armed Forces are predominately 'staffed' by males, the statistics may well be influenced by this. When you look at the lifestyle of the Forces and the continuing lack of understanding when forces personnel leave is it any surprise that the stresses they feel, they look at other ways to cope.

These stresses can include:

1] Trying to integrate back into society as well as back into some degree of family life, [I'm mainly thinking of people serving 12+ years].

2] The loss of a close knit supportive peer group [everyone one I've spoken to state that they miss the camaraderie and there is nothing like it in 'civvie street'], they often feel bereft.

3] After leaving they sometimes have a sense of being de-skilled after being trained to do a highly specialised job - and therefore being devalued .

I worked with a guy who served and was injured in the Falklands in 1982 - after being medically discharged he used drugs and alcohol to cope with day to day life - his marriage broke down, he lost contact with his kids, he moved to the North East and moved in with a woman he met on the internet - this relationship failed too so he was homeless. SAFFA were a great help at the time after I contacted them for financial assistance for him - however I left that job soon after. I'm sad to say he committed suicide 2 years go.

Another statistic I suppose that would support the argument - but at least he'll not be forgotten - well not by me.


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Grim_Reaper said:
daffy1 said:
I am actually rejoining to be a diver from a marine background. Dont worry my appartment overlooks the river mersey. So it makes great training and preparing me to jump of that 6 meter board.
6 Metre board! Bl00dy hell, in my day we had to jump off the roof of a building. 8O

Good luck by the way! :wink:
Thats health and safety for you lol


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Firstly, yes, I am aware I have resurrected a very old thread. However, it does contain some relevant information and I did not feel the need to start a new thread.

I've just stumbled across this on the internet - very thought provoking. And true. And sad.

WARNING!!!! The following opinion may upset......shared from an ex forces friend.

Last week a young woman, who was facing a prosecution over an alleged offence, took her own life. As a “celebrity” the great and good came out in support, criticising social media, the CPS and others, highlighting issues surrounding mental health.

A few days ago, a man, facing a prosecution over an alleged offence, took his own life. He was not a celebrity, he was a soldier.......which is probably why Ant and Dec are nowhere to be seen, social media is very quiet, Loose Women haven’t said a word and Good Morning Britain is more concerned with fawning over Schofield than ANOTHER ex military suicide.

The lack of support for those who would lay down their lives , and I include the Police, Fire service and front line health workers in that statement, to protect the chattering classes from harm is utterly disgraceful.
It is very telling that some of the best support for ex-military mental health seems to be from organisations and Facebook groups set up by former servicemen and women...... Final RV, All call signs, who dares cares, Forgotten veterans UK, Veterans in Action to name but a few.
So, gentle reader, if another “Name” does something please don’t be surprised if I don’t join in expressing sympathy.....I shall be thinking of the dozens of service personnel who do not get noticed by the glitterazzi, who do not get reams of newspaper coverage, and who ended it all too soon.


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^ I read this yesterday and found that it reflected my own feelings. I'm fed up with the luvvies getting all of the attention whilst genuine people are ignored. As for Markle the mere mention of the name brings my blood pressure to dangerous levels.

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