Veterans at 'higher suicide risk'

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by thingy, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. Veterans at 'higher suicide risk'

    The BBC have reported that young service veterans are three times more likely to kill themselves than civvies of the same age. They are reporting research carried out by the Centre for Suicide Prevention.
  2. Thats actually a shocking and saddening report.
  3. Funny how this gets released after Johnson Beharry's comments. Makes me wonder if
    1) Johnson knew it was coming out and got in first or
    2) The MOD had sat on it but had to release it after his comments.

    Somehow I lean towards the second option
  4. But is it surprising, we know mental health provision for ex servicepersons is poor, we know that a significant proportion of the homeless are ex service, so is it surprising that another consequence of poor mental health care, suicide, shows up badly for the young veterans.
  5. Is it surprising?? No! Our troops are expected to do things for Queen and Country but then the Govt don't provide the support etc to be able to go back to living a "normal" life in civvie street. Nor does it help that most Service Hospitals are now "Military" wings of general NHS hospitals - not that I feel that Service men shold be segregated but I do think that they should be treated by people that understand what it is like to live and work as Servicemen do.
  6. I'd say this is much more than just primary and secondary medical provision. Far too many service levers do appear ill equipped to re-integrate with society.

    Post deployment decompression has become a big issue for all three services, something the RN has long been better at than our colleagues.
  7. Agreed! Resettlement is really a joke! Think when I left their little computer jobbie put in all my qualifications that I'd spent years getting ... only to tell me to be a funeral director!

    But all joking aside ... I think the whole bit about resettlement need looking at - Needs to be a lot more thought into moving people from Service life into Civilian life - must admit it took me a long while to re-adjust. It also has to take into consideration what our Lords and Masters have asked us to do and the mental trauma that may have been inflicted on us. It's OK saying counselling is available but how many people have actually taken advantage of it - life on the mess decks is not conducive to telling your oppos that you are going to see a head shrinker because yu can't sleep or are having nightmares!

    People (Civvies) like to feel safe and have their armed forces to protect them but "they know not what they do" in order to achieve that.
  8. Mine said to join the Armed Forces!

    From the Tyne web site:
    Veterans' Minister Kevan Jones said he was looking at ways they could be tracked through the NHS system

    Err, vets ID card?
  9. So did mine, but to be fair that little exercise / website is meant for school-leavers and utter fcukmongs. I have so far found my resettlement to be excellent, although I haven't exactly been put out to pasture as would be ideal, I manage to find time to do what I need.

    Higher suicide risk? I don't for one second believe that. The study claims it is those young people in lower ranks with short careers who are most likely to commit suicide. No sh1t. These are undoubtedly the "last chance saloon" types who have fcuk all going for them anyway, treat the forces as a way out of their gash lives, don't like that either then chop.

    It's all balls.
  10. The mental health care for anyone suffering in this country is totally inadequate. A lot of those 'on the street' [including ex-service] need hospital standard treatment....the NHS should be ashamed of itself
  11. In agree wholeheartedly, having seen one of Mrs Maxi's mates suffer at the lack of treatment under the NHS. Care in the community was a very good idea, but in reality it has allowed NHS to cut back on spending on mental health whilst pretending the problem doesn't exist. As things stand I do not see the NHS putting any more cash into mental health welfare for ex servicement/women, unless they are given more cash and it is ringfenced.
  12. someone who suffers from mental health problems I have to disagree, from being sectioned in 98 to the present day my care has been exeptional.

    From the very first day in Cheadle Royal Hospital which I would compare with a *** guest house ( I kid you not ) with very attentive staff, only proviso, you were locked in.

    After 2 weeks, because I had responded well to meds and behaved myself I was transfered to the non secure unit next door which was even more laid back , allowed the freedom to explore the magnificent landscaped grounds. In both units the care from staff was excelent and my months stay flew by.

    Since then my 2 CPN cannot do enough for me and care in the community works, for me at least.

  13. Not wanting to trivialize this (it's a huge problem) - but I was of the impression it has always been thus. OK - we've now got a study that proves it, but ex-Forces folk have always had a higher suicide rate.
  14. LOL no way i have 3 tours under me and have seen it all, Guess there is only one thing left jump out of my top floor appartment
  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator sound suicidal, your not thinking....please no.....your not going to join the Paras are you?
  16. I am very glad to hear that you are perhaps the exception to a very general experience. From press reports on the more severe failures of the system the way Mrs Maxi's mate was treated does seem to be quite common. Care as an in patient sems to be OK, it is getting in that is difficult and then getting the correct continuing support later problematic.
  17. I am actually rejoining to be a diver from a marine background. Dont worry my appartment overlooks the river mersey. So it makes great training and preparing me to jump of that 6 meter board.
  18. Maxi........maybe I was lucky on the weekend I was sectioned ALL mental care facilities in Yorkshire were full and I was sent over the Pennines to Cheadle Royal.
    Still cannot fault the aftercare since.
  19. 6 Metre board! Bl00dy hell, in my day we had to jump off the roof of a building. 8O

    Good luck by the way! :wink:

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