Very worried for hms Raleigh

I’m due to leave for Raleigh in about 3 week and I’m already full of nerves. The physical side of it all I’m confident about as I came first in my class at the mile and half in the prnc and most of the other things I’m confindent about but when it comes to kit I’m absolutely shocking. I struggled with my bed and folding a lot even though I’ve been trying to learn how to fold in a4 with my brothers old MTP shirts (he’s in the army) and I can not for the life of me to hospital corners. I’ve been reading a lot of posts about the week 4 and 7 kit musters and they’re stressing me out because I can’t afford to get sent home but I bet the people who got sent home said the exact same thing. If I do good in every other aspect but fail in kit a lot of times will I get kicked out? I just need a bit of reassuring. I’m getting the hang of ironing but folding and hospital corners are the burden of my life but I’m determined to pass out and to get through Raleigh but I can’t help thinking I’ll fail no matter what I get told by my parents/mates.
Also, can anyone roughly tell me the drop out/fail rate of each class at hms Raleigh?
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Everyone, if they admit it, has concerns when they join.

If you are top line on the phys and have been practicing ironing, making your bed & washing clothes then you have far, far less to.worry about than those in your class who try to wing it on phys and personal.admin and then come unstuck. Some individuals are foolish enough to sit back and let Mum continue to do their washing and ironing - they are the one's who should be rather worried.

My guess is you'll probably end-up helping-out the donuts who ill-advisedly don't take the time to prepare and probably haven't even considered the fact there are kitmusters and that they can fail them.

Good luck, keep us posted.


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Once you’re there and are doing it every day, you will find you fly through it and will look back woundering why you were worried.

It’s the fear of the unknown


I’m 36 and going to Raleigh this year, for 16 years my Mrs has refused point blank to iron my clothes so I should hopefully fly through the kit musters (hopefully!!)