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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by PartTimer, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. Last drill night we were discussing who was the longest serving in our RU. Now we all know that personnel in the Reserves tend to be somewhat older, but many join older so their length of service doesn't reflect their advancing years.

    A quick glance down the Navy List, which only shows Officers, shows one poor Lt (or perhaps they're enjoying themselves too much?) with a seniority date of 1981 (and funnily enough in a branch that no longer exists in the RNR); that of course does not show when they joined. I know of a CPO who retired recently who'd joined in the late '60s and was a CPO Wren when the present Commodore joined in the 1970s!!

    Any old and bold out there? I guess theoretically we could have someone who joined in 1968 still serving, or even before with service extensions.
  2. Remember that back then you could join at 15 as I did in 61 so that may well add a bit on to your theoretical maximum
  3. I did think about that Peter! That would add 1 year! Current earliest opportunity to join is 16 as a rating and 17 as an Officer (though under-18s cause a headache because of 'Duty of Care' etc).
  4. In the old days your mess mates were the care system, never let me down. From 16 got sippers at tot time, though never too much, and always made sure I got back on board in time on runs ashore. Had great runs in exotic places like Lisbon, Gib, La Linea, Tangier, Bristol and North Shields/Whitley Bay
  5. Know a few CPOs who have 35+ years of service behind them, have heard of one or two officers from the late 60s even.
  6. Just had a COXN leave from my last draft who joined in 1966, before England won the world cup! Think he was on 2OE(dead) though!

  7. How about this one then, this man completed continuous active service, full time in the RN before transferring to the RAN where he completed his service this year.

    Lieutenant Commander F******* R*** RAN ex RN

    Joined HMS Ganges 8th October 1961 Junior Seaman Drake 37 Class 39 Mess.

    Transferred to RAN 1984

    Retired Lt. Cmdr. RAN 7th February 2007 He was still on active duty and was one of the RAN's Amphibious Warfare Experts.

    Now I make that Forty Four Years Four months any one top that

  8. In the late 80s the TASI on Waveney (who looked like Uncle Albert) had served in WW2. So he said like.
  9. Sorry lads going to need names and dates, I can produce both photgraphic, and written evidence.

  10. Try and respect the persec of those concerned ladies and gents.

  11. Sorry boys only got 28 years and 4 to go
  12. MOD this is persec gone mad we are talking about a man who, not only is he dead but all his details certainly the facts previously shown here have been published extensively in the Australian Press and on the Notices Section of the HMS Ganges Web Site


    I do not mind being censored but not when it is done to remove details in the public domain which my post stated and here is the extract from the March Notices on the Ganges Forum. Seems the Ganges Web Master and MOD saw now reason to censor this notice so why did you.

    Crossed The Bar
    Fred ROSS: Lieut Commander (RAN). 1946-2007.
    An article in the Sydney Morning Herald reports on the death of Fred Ross.
    The report says Fred joined HMS Ganges on his 13th birthday. (This probably a typo as the minimum age to my knowledge was 15.) Fred came to Australia on exchange in 1979 and served at HMAS Watson and on HMAS Perth. In the RN he served in submarines and later became a PWO. In 1983 he came to Australia and joined the RAN. During his time in the RAN he impressed his seniors with his imposing figure and impeccable grooming (What else for a Ganges Boy!). He was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2004 for his excellent service to the RAN. He left the RAN in February 2007 after nearly 50 years combined RN/RAN service. The following week he died. Senior Officers from all three services attended his funeral at Garden Island chapel, Sydney to pay tribute to a man who had made a tri-service impression.
    He is survived by his fiancé Jane, and his three children.
    Richard Broniman <[email protected]>

  13. No mention of his RNR time though. Perhaps that was censored by MOD!
  14. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    RN ¬ RNR but a chum of mine joined Jan 1955 aged 18, ended up as the oldest active sevice (actually MOD VIP meeter and greeter) Captain in the Navy List. Son of a CPO.
  16. Nutty

    Where in your original post does it mention the officer's demise?

  17. I did not because I was talking active service not Reserve Service which as far as I was concerned did not enter the equation. We are talking either RN time or RNR time. Active work in either camp.

  18. Nutty,

    If we are talking about a living person, their names cannot be disclosed for a) persec and b) because you don't have their permission.

    End of dit.

  19. So are we saying I can not mention Maggie Thatcher on this site because she is a living person and I do not have her permission.

    End of Dit


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