very interesting chat from the FAA requirements manager

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by shag_shacker, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. we had a very interesting chat from the FAA requirements manager. to his upmost credit he held nothing back - no secret squirrel club, no us and them ratings chit chat. a very good and well informed man manager.

    key points - current trained strength reqmnts - 3900, post sdr 3000 dipping to 2500.

    areas to be hit - everywhere except LH. especially hard hit is the scale b CPOAEA.

    pre SDR we were 51 CPOs overborne. post sdr we are 155 overborne. 125 CPOAETS in post - probably all these will be kept (great majority) 400 cpos required total means - 275 CPOAEAs and CPOAEMs (very small numbers only) = a lot of scale b's out of the door.

    if you are tx date 2013 then should be okay for natural wastage - no redundancies till spring 2012 for volunteers or setember 2012 for compulsorys.

    tx after 2013 scale b cpoaea then quote "do your ACC or we will make you or you are out"

    as a scale b 10 year EC 2022 tx date i am fecked.

    also EC or 2OE it makes no difference to your redundancy notice period over 3 years to serve whether this be 2OE or EC5/10 you will get 9 months gross tax free.

    various boards cancelled (WO1/2) SUY dodgy even if selected for february.

    standby for drafts to gardening leave
  2. Quote SS.. areas to be hit - everywhere except LH. :wink: :wink: The lads that keep the FAA flying :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: The good old days of Self/Supervisory!!!!!
  3. What does "scale b" in this context mean? Not a phrase used in the WE world!
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Old school pre-RORRS/SJARS bands to identify rate structure/qualification, along the lines of:

    Scale A - Qualified and passed for the higher rate but not yet selected.
    Scale B - Qualified in the current rate and eligible for promotion once PPE/WPE/qualifying courses are completed.
    Scale C - Newly qualified in the current rate or not completed the relevant Leadership Course for that rate.

    I'm sure a member of Blanco Mafioso will correct me in due course... :oops: :wink:
  5. No real secret on the CPO Scale B front, that has been the line for a few years now with reduced opportunity for selection for EC. We have too many CPOs, just not the right flavour - CPO AET is the required trade, not AEA or AEM, whether you agree with AEBD or not, that is the way ahead.

    Shag - you suggest that you are "fecked"... not strictly true... you have an option.... DO YOUR ACC!! I know that this doesnt sound attractive, but it is the system you joined on, the route many of those before you have trodden and it is almost a guarantee of avoiding any redundancy - as I said the Navy are overborne with CPOs, just not the right flavour!! As per your quote from the BM "do your ACC or we will make you or you are out" - do you jump or are you going to be pushed??

    Scouse - Ah, but LAETs are now supposed to have "Restrictions" on their Auths.... only to be removed for operational requirements, Navy Command updated the 100T recently to reflect this...

    No surprise that LAETs wont be "hit" for redundancy given we are short of the requirement.

    The redundancy pay post 1 Apr 2013 will only attract a 3 month payment.... The whole package does depend which Pension Scheme you are on. 2010DIN01-187 and 188 give the story so far....
  6. And ACC? I presume this is the ticket Small Ship SMRs hold? And further more it's a pre-requisite for promotion to WO2.....?
  7. ACC = Aircraft Charge Certificate, not just for Small Ship Faggots, but a requirement to progress towards WO2.

    Old type of Artificers (Scale B CPOAEAs) can still do a Field ACC, basically sit a board at an air station chaired by a Squadron AEO and 2 Lts or WO1s, if they pass they become a CPO AET.

    For POAETs, they attend a CPO AET Qualifying Course at Sultan, end exam effectively is the equivalent of a Field ACC and they are promoted to CPOAET.

    The ACC allows extra responsibility through Authorisations which are granted by the Squadron AEO.
  8. but i dont want to so my ACC - stamp feet huff and puff.

    i want to do 23 years as a scale B cpoaea. take my money every day for doing feck all.

    its just not fair - why is it always me

    blaaaaaah waaaaaaaaail waaaaaaaaaail blaaaaaaaah
  9. Sweet. You learn a new thing every day!
  10. Glad I got out as a WL Just as the feckers started binning us Bombheads to feckin greenies

  11. Everyday is a learning day... I'm too young to know everything!!! (Oscar Wilde, I cant claim that one!!!)
  12. And now Greenies and Pinkies are becoming Avionics.... Assimilation by the Borg....
  13. No No Never :roll: :roll: Pinkies were always first for an Early Chop. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Unfortunately Scouse those halcyon days (or should I say evenings) are long gone. now when you finish the pinky work you do the greenies job, swiftly followed by that of the bombhead.
    One minutes silence for the demise of the pinkie :p
  15. Bloody hell no doing the Flex ops early doors??? when night flying for tonight is cancelled. Looking at Sommerville Jones and Ted Anson Crying. :lol: and standing next to God Towle, with eyes wide open, Saying Lulu and the Luvers are on at the Boots tonight??... O/K P off and dont be late in the morning :lol: :lol:
  16. :laughing3:

    Having know shag personally for *ahem* years I would say you have more chance of seeing the Queen's tits than him sitting his ACC!!!

    Seriously though, not looking good for all the scale b CPOs who took EC is it? :(
  17. Scouse, apart from Flex Ops and Ted Anson (last skipper of the Ark) I literally didn't understand one word of what you just said 8O
  18. I believe it's just a FAA rating thing, 'Sir'.

    (BRNC certainly cleared all your registers then, Deeps.) Nod Nod :wink: :wink:
  19. i am not a skiving stinky chief who is quite prepared to take the shillling for doing fek all - hold on - wife says i am

    whoope civvy street inbound, perhaps i could be a fluffer

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