Venables faces 'extremely serious' claim

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Jenny_Dabber, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. I hate the fact that people, kids could have done what they did to poor James but I think the press need to now let this whole Jon episode go. Making mountains out of mole hills IMO.

    Ok ok ok, not so much mole hills but it seems like people are willing to drag up a bad memory for their own personal amusement.

    BBC Article
  2. I have to disagree JD. When Jack Straw arranged for the release of Venables, he stated (I am acting from memory here, so I will not vouch that it is 100% accurate) 'that it would be impossible for him to reoffend with the regime that had been put in place to monitor him'. It now appears that he is facing serious charges, does this mean he was no longer being monitored to the extent we were promised on his release?
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Fcuk all to do with labour wanting to appear tough on crime then? If Jack Straw hadn't made the connection with the Bulger killing none of us would be any the wiser because they've had their names changed.
  4. I'm all for people doing time for crimes etc but I am also a believer in not dragging up a horrific past
  5. We all believe in those who commit crimes doing time, unfortunately most of us disagreee on the period of time.
    As for an horrific past, this cannot and should not be erased. If he had behaved himself then nobody would be any the wiser as to his present lifestyle. Unfortunately for him, his victime=s parents and the taxpayer he has screwed up again :twisted:
  6. According to the sun it looks like it was a sexual offence…surprise ..surprise… even bigger surprise for those liberal minded tree huggers that were in charge of his rehabilitation programme…..

    Is Venables a paedophile ???…I don’t know …but the original offence was the abduction of a child….

    There is an old saying that if it waddles, floats, and quacks……..then its probably a duck…..

  7. The other side of the press coverage that has erupted is that Venables has had his cover blown. The prison officers and inmates in the prison he is staying in are all reportedly aware of his new identity - meaning he has to be kept in isolation. Isolation for the whole time he's locked up, plus any protection he might get if/when he gets out = much more tax payers money. All for what would appear to me to be point scoring for Labour. Worth it? Not for me.

    I certainly believe that if he has been arrested on a sex crime charge, the judge and other relevant people should have been made aware of his real identity during the trial and sentancing so that he could get an appropriate punishment, but we did not need the whole world to know - it has just created an unneccessary and costly circus.
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    If the latest press reports are to be believed, I think that further comment would be inappropriate, MODS could we lock this please.
  9. It depends on the content of the comment, inappropriate comments can be removed and I for one see no reason to lock this topic as it is in the public interest and it is current affairs.
  10. Why?

    What information do you, or anybody else have that can affect this trial?

    All the info that appears on this thread is gleaned from the papers, so is already in the public domain.

    You're advocating needless censorship in a prissy kind of way.
  11. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    As posted above, the press won't be trawling RR for a 'expert' opinion or snippets from which to manufacture a fiction unless I missed something and Venables is closely connected to the RN/RM/QARNNS/RFA.

    Back on topic. Ranting, bone and non contributory posts will be culled.
  12. It's in the Sun and it includes very loose "allegations".

    Enough said.
  13. Media are whipping him up into the ultimate panto villain. Someone for the untermensch to grind their teeth and slam their fists against the table about. The brainless need someone to hate, they want to bay for blood.

    Here we are, the glory and wonder of speculation.
  14. Well it has been on BBC news that he was collared for child pornograpy - take it from there.
  15. Collared? Or accused? There is a difference, guilty or not he stands no chance with a baying mob reading headlines such as "Child murderer commits sickening sex crime".

    Think what you like about him, the public have lit their torches and are on there way to Frankenstein's castle.
  16. Press will do anything for their pint of blood.

    What about the extended families involved, did the press stop to think what they have to be put through? Nope
  17. And you believe everything (anything?) you hear on Labour's best propaganda news channel aka the BBC?
  18. Apprehended then, take it as you will.
    Yes I agree that until he has faced the due process of law then there should be no baying mob, even after.
    But, given the nature of his orginal crime it is hardly surprising if people are asking questions.
    The relations of the boy he abused and killed have not had the advantage of a change of identity, and a new life. Surely Venables had a responsibility to respect the advantages given to him, and can hardly be surprised at the reaction if he has absused these advantages.

    Edited due to crap english!
  19. No not at all, but they would hardly be putting something on national news that is likely to find them in court.
    Nor would I believe everything I hear on Sky, or any other news channel, escpecially in the case of Sky if it was something I knew a little about.

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