Veil teacher 'should be sacked'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SILVER_FOX, Oct 15, 2006.

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    Does anyone else think this is yet another example of the degrading of our way of life here? I mean, I'm all for respecting the values and traditions of other races, but in this particular example the teacher is responsible for educating British children. If she wants to wear a head scarf - fine, but when the wearing of a veil is responsible for degrading the quality of her teaching - it should be a no-brainer.

    And why is this classed as sexual discrimination? Sure the only discrimination here is discriminating against the kids who can't understand what she is flipping saying.

    She has rights - yes, but what about the rights of the kids to a decent education? I'm really beginning to despair about how the UK can be held to ransom by anyone who claims they are being discriminated against. :evil:


  2. Totaly agree SF , this country has gone fxxxxxxxxg mad , sinking rapidly , makes me depair at times , just when you think it can't get any worse up pops some little story to let you know that it can , some muslims are now complaining that the London Olympics are going to clash with Ramadam , [it's in this morning's papers] , OK then we'll just cancell the games then , it's not even us that sets the dates for these games , as Richard Littlejohn would say , "you could'nt make it up" , :twisted: :twisted:
  3. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Listen to or watch the interview with Ms Post Box I think the expression is: BUSTED!

    John Humphrys gets her squirming, sucking back and gives her a real verbal shoeing. On the BBC of all places. Outstanding! She was interviewed for the teaching job, by a woman and a man and she wasn't wearing her clobber.

    Her English is neither good nor is it clear. Not helped by the black kit I suppose and maybe JH is intimidating. Or is that 'imidating'? (sic)

    Troublemaker and not the only one.
  4. Compensation chaser , we are that stupid we will give it to her , Fxxxxxxxxg mad or what , glad I'm in my 50s , would 'nt like to be in my teenage years these days , morgage's , if you can get the morgage in the first place , I have 3 kids , aged 29 ,21, 19 , & I despair at times at what they might have to go through to get on in life , but then we plod on , the generations before us know doubt thought the same , does make you think though , :twisted:
  5. Quote "her role as a teaching assistant providing support to pupils who speak English as a second language. "

    Ermmm. So are they saying her job is basically a translator for kids who don't speak English in an English state school?

    Why aren't the kids made to speak English as a first language? Or would that be denying them their cultural rights?

    Also, I haven't heard much comment from the usually vocal feminist quarter on this issue, what with the veil being a tool of subjugation of Musim women!
  6. Tattoo wrote: Quote "her role as a teaching assistant providing support to pupils who speak English as a second language. "

    I missed that one - probably because I was all misted up in full blazing red rage about it!! :evil:

    As for seadogs comment about John Humphreys and the BBC interview - would have liked to see that one. Nice to see someone in the beeb still has balls.

    Looks more like a case of looking for something (compo) for nothing the more I look at it. Can't we just deport her?

  7. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Silver_Fox (to be confused with silverfox) said

    FFS! It's on the BBC page you linked to in your opening post! Go watch it (download Media Player or Real Player if you have to) and watch her squirm. She is full of it.

    Click 'watch' just under the negative of the Klu Klux Klan dude! Humphrys is a star.
  8. Where she comes from she would be stoned for gobbing off :twisted:
  9. Having just seen and heard the latter part of the video I must change my position. She is clearly trying it on. The very fact that she did NOT wear the veil for her interview means that she does not wear it all the time when not at home or in female company. I hope she is well versed in the Koran and what the Prophet Mohammed has to say about hypocrisy and what happens in the Afterlife to unreformed Hypocrites! Her argument about being able not to wear it in front of children in this context is specious, as a male teacher could walk into the classroom. She, is I'm afraid, one of those Muslims who bring their community into disrepute and I hope her community will ostracise her for bring shame to them, which is the main punishment she deserves. She should also be dismissed for deception at her interview. She is purporting to be one thing whilst actually being something else and that is unacceptable. What sort of moral values does that imbue young children with - that deception is an acceptable way of achieving success?
  10. She may have been publically whipped, if she came from a country observing a strict, narrow interpretation of Islamic law. She might later have been the victim of an honour killing for bring shame upon her family, which she has certainly done.
  11. As the Koran does not state that the face veil is needed to be worn then she should be sacked. especially after being interviewed while not wearing it. Though teaching assistants are not required to wear a uniform they still should conform to a dress standard. The veil makes it more difficult for her to be understood easily. Why did she apply for work in a Christian school? If she wishes to wear the ninja gear then work in a muslim environment.
  12. So its one rule to wear the veil at one specific time then not for another?Hmmm there must be an "Observer's Book of Veil Laws" somewhere!She needs sacking then deporting to where she can wear the veil to her hearts content,i suggest iran.totally disgusting,trying it on then claiming discrimination!Stone her!

    "2 Flats,1 Point and a packet of Gravel,Please!"
  13. Seadog wrote: Silver_Fox (to be confused with silverfox).

    Imagine how I bloody feel mate! In fairness he was there first, but has obviously been off line for some time.

  14. ... and re your FFS! It's on the BBC page you linked to in your opening post! Go watch it (download Media Player or Real Player if you have to) and watch her squirm. She is full of it.

    Can't do it on this sand ridden piece of shite. Ah - the wonders of modern technology! Shame we don't bleedin have any here.

  15. SF try the BBC radio site there might be a Pod cast there
  16. She's got a neck anyway being a teacher, I knew her when she worked in a muslim burlesque house, I even think I boned her, not sure really they all look the same, you be the judge.... :wink:
  17. Nice on there Lingy. Beats the crap out of the old paper bag trick eh?

    Deport the bitch and lets keep British schools British please. I thank you. I have no more to say on this matter for fear of being accused of racism. Suffice to say, I really have had enough of this Muslim tripe now.
  18. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Heaven forbid anyone hold the notion that you a racist, eh?

  19. Is that Rosie?
  20. Nah,cant be rosy,she not wearing boots!might be the PO Stoker on a day off?

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