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:cry: When attending our drill night last we were told that as of 1st april 2006 if we use our personal vehicles for duty trips and we are paid a mileage allowance for the use then our insurance policies have to be covered for 'Business Use' and it has to have a minimum of £10M third party liability. We have to hand in a copy of the policy with the above coverage when we put our next milage claim in or we don't get paid.

Not only are they taking our 'Sticky Bun' it looks like we will have to find more money to comply with the above. I appreciate that some insurance companies will possibly add the above at no extra cost but I sure not all of them will be accomodating.

And they say that there is a retention problem in the RNR - I wonder why?.


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This has been the case for some time. Regular dits appear on DNOs. I would be very suprised if anyone got Business insurance for free. The insurance companies will assume that you will be using the car all day with the consequent higher risk of a claim!

As you say, what price retention!!!


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Another thought struck me a nano second after I pressed the submit button!
You can normally get cover for use to commute to normal place of work. This could be interpreted as the unit. They'd just have to get you a hire car when you go off on national training, regional training or exercise!!! (fat chance!!!!!)

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