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:cry: When attending our drill night last we were told that as of 1st april 2006 if we use our personal vehicles for duty trips and we are paid a mileage allowance for the use then our insurance policies have to be covered for 'Business Use' and it has to have a minimum of £10M third party liability. We have to hand in a copy of the policy with the above coverage when we put our next milage claim in or we don't get paid.

Not only are they taking our 'Sticky Bun' it looks like we will have to find more money to comply with the above. I appreciate that some insurance companies will possibly add the above at no extra cost but I sure not all of them will be accomodating.

And they say that there is a retention problem in the RNR - I wonder why?.


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Most should let you have this extra cover for nothing, but some will no doubt add a premium. Test the system - see if they will refund the premium (as they do for certain life insurance situations). After all, they want you at the drill hall, if they are not playing the game if you follow one rule, then try another approach.

Failing that, if it's a duty trip, demand a hire car, rail warrant, etc.
I can't see how the powers that be can determine you travelling by your own transport be determined as 'Duty'

Its classed as commuting in any other sense --you attending Drill nights or whatever .Commuting is normally accepted on a vehicle insurance policy.
Your travel costs would be 'home to Duty' expenses.
Also it makes a mockery of regulars going on draft using their own transport

A duty trip is when you are carrying anything like spare gear .kit etc for the pusser not belonging to you personally.Thats when you need extra insurance cover.

So as the man says--request a warrant /hire car /service vehicle if they don't see it . Probably see a lot less guys at the drill nights too!!


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Is this not the case with most insurance policies and not simply pusser being stuborn. I know I am covered for "Social, domestic and Pleasure, including traveling to and from place of work". Therefore am not covered to use my car in connection with my civvy job either, other than going to and coming from work.


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Further to that, my policy said "Usual place of work". I some times use my car when I have to work away from base, therefore I had to go for Buisiness Use. As I am not a rep it cost me nothing. Of course you could argue that RNR week-ends come under the "Pleasure" banner. I suspect that might only work if you did not get paid for it,----. Don't go there! Causes more trouble than its worth. (For pusser)


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Reservist-Monkey said:
I think you should ask to see the DIN on this one. Make sure it's not some unit admin nause.

If there is no DIN/RNRTM, then they can ram it :)

It's in the new JSP. You should get a copy at the RNR Units in about 2012. There have been loads of DINs for these changes as well.


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As far as this concerns Australian Navy Cadets, all Instructors are RANR. They get paid mileage for anything connected with their unit and this includes travel to and from weekly Unit parades and training courses . Nobody has been asked to change their insurance


At my unit we've had to have Business insurance cover for quite a while now. The point is that your normal insurance covers you for the journey to and from your unit. Travelling anywhere else while on RNR business counts as a business trip. This is just the same as with your day job.