VC's Stolen In New Zealand.

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What a shite piece of news, 9 of the 13 VCs awarded to NZers and 2 George Crosses have been stolen, Sunday AM (NZ time) From the National Army Museum.
These are the originals, not replicas, which I find a bit worrying seeing how valuable these decorations are, perhaps replicas on display may have been a bit more secure.
Another curious thing is that, according to reports, staff 'found display cabinets smashed ..the alarm had gone off between Midnight and 6AM.', surely they can narrow it down a bit more than that or perhaps the NZ Police are being a bit cagey for once.
Utter Bastards! I read that one of the stolen medals is the VC and Bar awarded to Charles Upham. All these medals are irreplaceable but that one is truly unique - one of only 3 I think.
No serious collector would touch these however there may be a few of the other kind who would get off just by posessing them even if they can never be displayed. Or could this be a political statement by some of the more radical Maori activists?
Maori activists!

One tree hill then it was no tree hill. Do they still have the postcards with the tree?

Hoping it is just a statement and the medals are returned safely.
Jack77 said:
Or could this be a political statement by some of the more radical Maori activists?
I thought all the 'active Maoris' had been recruited into the British Army rugby squad.

Oh sorry, my mistake, I was confusing them with their neighbours in Fiji.

On a more serious note, this is a very sad tale and I hope the medals are recovered very soon. Too many of these medals and more importantly, the stories of what they represent, end up being squirrelled away in private collections. Someone in NZ has obviously invested a great deal of effort in keeping these in the public domain, and that's exactly where they should be.
Yes Chinga, oh mighty 'Father' of Nathanial Bumpo, the Army (NZ Government) has been very active in persuading the families of significant decoration holders to loan them to the National Army Museum.
Charles Uphams daughter was rumoured to have received offers in the region of $NZ 3 million (about a million sterling) for his VC and Bar and was sorely tempted, the medals were eventually sold to the Imperial War Museum, and then loaned back to NZ for 999 years, so the British taxpayer has been ripped off as well!
The former curator of the Museum, Alan Polaschek, has been quoted as saying that the Museum was probably unique in the world as it displayed the originals rather than replicas, hard way to learn a pretty obvious security risk.(Otago Daily Times 3/12/07 p2.)
Hopefully the thieves will be caught or will return the loot, unless the gear was stolen to order and they are now sunning themselves on a beach in Brazil.
Latest news, the whole sorry saga is now being exposed. The thieves gained entry through a GLASS panel in a fire exit door and then smashed open the cases.
So not exactly criminal masterminds, just smart enough to take advantage of piss poor security. The current curator, a Colonel Blimp impersonator I'm sure, is huffin' and puffin' "But it's New Zealand, we don't do that sort of thing..." TWAT. Government is now reported to be thinking of moving like artifacts to Museums with better security. The words Bolting, Stable gate and Horse spring to mind.
Lord Ashcroft, UK Tory Peer and fanatical medal collector has put up a $NZ 200,000 reward, hopefully NZ Government will match it, so fingers crossed.
This is disgusting really really .

The medals are irreplaceable and I hope they find them . They will be
no use to normal theives and almost 'un- sellable ' . If the thief was a collector then as mentioned he would never be able to show them to anyone .

As mentioned the stupid move was not to have replica's on show . Copies viewed from a distance are as good as the real thing and good enough for museum displays.

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