Once again our "caring " Govt spit in the eye of an Old Serviceman!


A GURKHA who won the VC fighting for Britain has been banned from coming to live here - because he has "failed to demonstrate strong ties with the UK".

Tul Bahadur Pun, 84, who won our highest bravery medal in the Second World War, wants to spend his last days among old comrades and having treatment for several health problems.

At his ramshackle home in Nepal, he said last night: "I feel bitterly disappointed at the way successive British governments have treated me.

"I have served the UK with the utmost loyalty and to be treated this way is appalling." Tul was handed his VC by Lord Mountbatten in 1944 for single-handedly charging a Japanese position in Burma under heavy fire.

In an "exemplary" 18 year Army career he won 10 more medals, risking his life in Malaysia, India and Hong Kong, and served several tours of duty in Britain.

Now living in a hut with no proper roof, running water or sanitation in a village 16,000ft up in the Himalayas, Tul has diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems and asthma. His eyesight is poor and he has hearing trouble.

He said: "I take a substantial amount of medication daily, without which I would die. There is not always a constant supply. When it runs out I feel vulnerable. There are no doctors or nurses, no medical outposts. I wish to settle in the UK to have better access to medication, care and support from doctors and nurses.

"I have to pay for these out of my pension from the British Army of £132 per month.

"I am very weak and... have to travel to the Gurkha camp in Pokhara every month to collect my pension. If I do not go in person I will not receive it.

"It takes three hours to drive, then a one-day walk. As I am unable to walk unaided I have to be carried by two or three men.

"The medication can be very expensive and I sometimes cannot afford it and rely on my family to pay for it. If they are unable to, which is often, I have to borrow money. This is very degrading."

Tul applied for indefinite leave to enter Britain. The law allows for deserving cases to be let in but British officials in Nepal said they were "not satisfied... your application meets the requirements".

They added: "This is because you have failed to demonstrate that you have strong ties with the UK." Astonishingly, among the reasons were: "You have not produced satisfactory evidence that you have a chronic or long term medical condition where treatment here would significantly improve your quality of life."

Tul said he will appeal. His lawyer Martin Howe, of Ealing, West London, said: "These heroes should be welcomed yet they are treated like beggars and pariahs.

"What stronger tie is there than being prepared to lay down your life in defence of Britain?"

The Foreign Office said last night: "He can apply again, addressing the concerns of the entry clearance officer."

So our Govt are happier to clothe feed and house Illegal immigrants and other spongers rather than look after someone that put their life on the line for our Country?I am ashamed to be British!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:
The question must be asked as to why a man who served our country with distinction is treated worse than those who are here illegally who's only contribution to the UK seems to be keeping those in the benefits offices employed.
He should be given a British passport, house and pension. Lets face it he cannot have many more years on this earth and we have a duty of care to him and those like him.


War Hero
It's even more shocking when you read the 1881 Warrant for the VC:

"Our Will and Pleasure is that the qualification (for the award of the Victoria Cross) shall be "Conspicuous bravery or devotion to the country in the presence of the enemy".

Said Civil Serpent would no doubt claim this case was awarded for conspicuous bravery and was exempt the devotion to country clause :evil:

Edited: It's even worse, perhaps his lawyer needs to print this off and send it the immigration department:

Fifthly. It is ordained that the Cross shall only be awarded to those officers and men who have served Us in the presence of the enemy, and shall have then performed some signal act of valour or devotion to their country.

From the earlier 1856 version of the Warrant.
This has got me so pissed off that I have just emailed TB. Don't suppose it will help but if he gets enough flack perhaps something may be done.

email to TB

Dear Mr Blair I am writing to you to request reasons why a war hero awarded the Victoria Cross has been refused entry to the United Kingdom. This man Ghurka Tul Bahadur Pun now aged 84 served this country well in our time of need, yet now we are refusing him help. Surely this man deserves more than most to be allowed to end his days in a country who's future were in part shaped by his actions.
We have some immigrants in this country who's stated aim is to cause disruption and terrorism, they are being allowed to stay when they should be put on the next flight back to country of origin.
This man needs our help and it should be given quicklly
This Goverment should hang its head in shame at the treatment its doles out to Ex Service men and women who have served there country so well.

Now if it was an Eastern European .............................................


War Hero
Again it saddens me greatly that these brave warriors are treated so terribly. We do not deserve their loyalty.

To my mind, consider the immigrants that enter this country illegally, are ineligible for military service but are granted the right to stay, regardless of their criminality status.

Then consider the noble Gurkha.

Outrageous treatment.

(I refer to any Gurkha, not just those who have proven their bravery & outstanding loyalty).
In total agreement with Stumpys' comment.

Its disgusting and whoever made that decision should hang their head in shame and be extradited immediately.
Who the F*** makes the decisions on this. Its typical of this country today!!!!! The day when the decent, law-abiding, tax paying patrons of this country vote with their feet is getting closer. I only hope Im not too old to be in the front line!!!!!!!! Bring it on.
Anyone who has served this country in HM Armed Forces, and especially those who have served it so bravely to deserve a VC, should have a passport on a silver platter.

Why do we treat those who we owe such a great debt of gratitude to, so poorly. The civil servant should have to publicly grovel as to why he made such a massive and dispicable mistake.

Any foreign born national who serves in HM Armed Forces should have (after perhaps a certain return of service) British Citizenship as a matter of course.
Absolutely astonishing! If only we treated our heros like the Russians treat theirs! It really is an absolute disgrace. Has anyone started a petition on the No.10 website yet, if so please could they supply a link?
#16 boggles the mind that this would take place at all, I enjoy reading about History, and I can say without doubt that the Gurkhas are without equal when it comes to loyalty and that loyalty is to a foreign monarchy...I remember my old man telling me the story behind his Kukri (souvenir) and when the Queen reviewed the Gurkha Honour Guard and she asked to see the ceremonial knife, and the Gurkha responded by nicking himself because to draw the Kukri you must draw blood, as a kid listening to this, I was amazed and really impressed... :)

Really sad state of affairs unless someone or some organization takes this up on his behalf and does the right thing... :(
slim said:
Perhaps these are the type of people the Juditiory wish to let into the country.


Seems this government are unable to word laws correctly.
Personally I cannot understand how the courts have interpreted the HRA in this way. The European Convention on Human Rights, which the HRA enshrines in domestic law, makes quite clear and has been confirmed by several cases brought before the Court in Strasbourg, that who may marry is to be determined by national laws. In other words, the principle of subsidiarity applies here. The right to marry is therefore not absolute, but conditional upon national norms. The question then arises: are counterfeit marriages whose sole purpose is to enable a British subject to afford citizenship rights to an alien, legitimate? I hope the government will challenge this at Strasbourg, rather than the Home Secretary constantly trying to find lacunæ through which he can ride his Trojan Horse of anti-libitarian measures through Parliament. Our liberties were hard won against a British State that throughout history has sought to curtail the people's rights through various, deceptive mechanisms. Reid's Trojan Horse should be recognised for what is really represents - efforts by the State to curtail the people's liberties and freedoms, in the name of anti-terrorism, etc.
Always_a_Civvy said:
Absolutely astonishing! If only we treated our heros like the Russians treat theirs! It really is an absolute disgrace. Has anyone started a petition on the No.10 website yet, if so please could they supply a link?
What poison them with Plunomium 210? Sorry to lower the tone, this is an absolute disgrace. Reminds me of the Spike Milligan passport fiasco.
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