Vauxhaull Insignia - too many toys?

Hi all,

Bought an Insignia Elite Nav tourer on a 10 plate back in March and I must say that I like it apart from the wallnut dash (The dealer told me I could swap it for the satin black trim as seen on the other models, until I bought it and then told me it cant be swapped - wht a load of Rubbish - Perrys Hudderfield, what a joke!

I opted for the top model because I thought if i'm getting a Vauxhaul I may as well go for one with all the bells and whistles on it.

Full Leather
Electric heated seats
Parking sensors front and rear
USB / Auxiliary jack.
Sat Nav
DAB digital radio.
Electric opening and closing boot

In all, a well stocked car.

The main issue I have is the entertainment system seems a little slow. Not all the time but sometimes it seems to have a bit of a brain fart and decide it doesn't want to do what you want it to.

Examples include;
1. CD player randomly flicking through tracks and by that I don't mean it's shuffling through the songs. It will stop halfway through a song and flick on to the next, try to play it before giving up and having a go at another song, starting half way through that and after a few seconds moving on to an different one. It's not the CD because the next time it'll play it no problem.

2. Radio not tuning in. You get in the car and it's re-set itself to FM. No big deal, press the button to turn on the DAB, it has a think and then takes you back to FM. So you have another go and it still won't turn on the DAB, so you have a look on medium wave but it doesn't like that either and takes you back to FM. The only way i've found to sort this is to turn off the engine and re-start the car. Sometimes that works other times it doesn't.

3. Stereo not recognising that the ipod is plugged in. Press the audio button to use the ipod. The display tells you that the ipod is disconnected. To sort it you have to unplug the ipod and plug it back in. Sometimes it works, others it doesn't.

4. The electric drivers seat moves back to help you get out of the car which is helpful - if you're a bit of a porker! The problem is than i aren't a porker and it's a pain in the ass all the time having to re-adjust my seat when I get back in. I use the memory function on the seats but it's still a bit of a bind.

5. The phone function on the info-tainment system only mutes the stereo. I asked at the dealers if i could get a bluetooth phone system installed, before i bought the car I was told that this could be fitted no problem, afterwards I was told that the model didn't support this facility???? A bloke at work has the SRI hatchback and his integrated phone system is spot on. Another lie by Perrys huddersfield!

6. The other day the electric parking brake wouldn't release, after a couple of pumps of the breaks it finally came off.

7. Yesterday the electric boot gave up the ghost. You press the key fob and the indicators flash but the boot won't open. You try the handle on the boot and nothing happens. The boot release button in the drivers door doesn't work either. I'm guessing that this is the fuse but it's just another thing to be added to the growing list of issues I'm having.

I like the car. It's comfortable, responsive and looks good. When the toys all work it's a joy to drive but i'm starting to think that Vauxhaul have overstretched themselves with all the toys. The car doesn't seem to be able to handle them.

Any advice?


I love my SRi!!!!

And NO, DAB won't work in moving vehicles - yet! In Vauxhall ICE, don't you have to select Aux to get an iPod to function?
Thanks for the replies chaps,

In response, the DAB (when it works) works fine whether stationary or moving it just get a little annoying when you've set off and try to change it to DAB and it won't have it. Stop the car turn off the engine, wait a few seconds and try again. It usually works but it's a little annoying.

Yes you do have to select Aux to put the ipod on except if you were using this when you were last in the car. It trys to use it straight away and then gives up and tells you that it's disconnected.

A great car when it works. Captain slow on top gear liked it ;-)

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