Vandals desecrate US Veterans graves!

stabradop said:

Only after prolonged and hideous torture, preferably involving skinning knives, salt and a red hot poker.

My own personal favourite is a 8ft x 8ft room where the walls are stainless steel and greased and the floor is nothing but burning charcoal.

Toss them in there and watch them dance until they're too exhausted to move and then they'll collapse in a heap, scalding themselves to death!
Not a bad choice Credders, didn't think of that. I will have to add that to "Stabs Big Book For Torturing Chavs, Nonces, And Other Assorted Scum". You will naturally get mentioned in the bibliography :D

Major saddos, these twunts have their freedom of speech due to the sacrifices the Veterans made and how do they use it, desecration.
At the National War Memorial in Wellington, NZ on ANZAC Day (25 April) this year, 2 'peace' protesters were arrested after burning the NZ flag and chanting slogans throughout the minutes silence. Some WWII vets got some licks in first with their sticks before the Police could get to them, good on them! :violent1: Funnily enough the vets (in their 80's) managed to 'escape' :w00t:
Can't humiliate these b*stards. That's against their "human rights" and would offend them. What they need to do is mak them earn their rights by....oh I dunno...sending them to war?

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