Vampire fixation fiction

wannabefpilot87 said:
charlotte said:
Nope but i want too, haha! I've seen one called Zombie Strippers, and that was amusing to say the least!

Haha i haven't read the reviews, but to be fair i don't think i have too!
It has Jenna Jameson in it... that says it all!

There is also a movie called FrankenHooker too, so I have been toldd!!
When at Vernon in the good old days, after a showing of one of the early Hammer Horrors Dracula staring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee;- many manly necks suddenly displayed crucifixes.
stirling said:
wannabefpilot87 said:
Anyone seen the film that's out at the mo, lesbian vampire killers?

.....pile of carp. :roll:
I won't bother with that then, seems to be lots of rubbish films out at the moment. Got roped into watching Watchmen the other night, what a load of utter shit- haven't seen a film that bad in awhile!
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