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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by brazenhussy, May 1, 2007.

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  1. I am constantly reading about our country's values and traditions .....I keep asking what they are but no one will enlighten me.

    What I see in Britain:

    Young children being taught that same sex parents are ok.

    A young girl of 9 years, having 'live' sex education from her parents.

    Young girls, barely into their teens, becoming mothers.

    A total breakdown of the family unit.

    Children left alone at night, unsupervised.

    Residential homes for the elderly, bursting at the seams.

    Elderly people terrified to leave their homes in case they are mugged.

    Public houses bursting at the seams.

    Empty churches.

    Gang culture.

    Gun culture.

    Elderly people frightened to turn on their heating in case they cannot afford to pay their bills.

    One of the highest crime rates in Europe.

    Our national flag wrapped around someone's backside as a pair of shorts.

    It goes on and on and on ......

    Are these our values?

    What are our traditions?

    We are a nation of whingers and's everyone's fault but our own:

    Blame immigration ... the Italians; the Irish; the Blacks; the Indians; the Pakistanis; the Muslims,the french

    Blame....the Government; the teachers; the police; the system;

    Blame ...God.

    Blame anyone ....but never, never, blame ourselves.
    I have asked these questions so many times.
  2. Keep asking Brazen...I'm afraid it's called life (as we know it) and it sucks!!
    Stop the world...I want to get off.. :twisted: :lol:
  3. The old traditions have been thrown out and various governments introduced new one. Some of these are

    1. We are now a multicultural society so Christian prayers are banned. However we encourage other faiths to teach our children about their religions.

    2 Children enjoy sex so we will provide housing for them and their any babies resulting.

    3 Golliwogs are an insult to our black citizens, so they cannot be sold or used in books and on products.

    4 Homosexuals should be allowed to adopt children. this will give the child either two mommies or two daddies. The child may be taunted at school but this will be good for its character building.

    5 It is recognised that going to work is arduous so those who do not wish to partake in this old British tradition will be subsidised by those who do

    The list is endless, so please add to it.
  4. Brazen…..there is an alternative..

    Don’t do news ….I stopped doing it about 4 years ago when one day the realisation hit me that I hated someone who I had never met…..this hatred was generated by the Daily Wail towards immigrants and at the end my hatred turned inwards and was directed back at the media.
    The paper arrives on my doorstep every morning yet I never read it, as I drive along I turn the radio down when the news is on….I never watch news on TV ….people respect my decision and don’t talk to me about news and if they do I don’t listen….

    The trouble with newspapers nowadays is they are always beaten at the post by TV News channels who report any breaking news more or less as it happens….. but the poor ole papers don’t arrive until 24hrs later and by that time their content isn’t news anymore its just fish and chip wrapping….so the only chance they have is to try and shock us into buying it with made up stories.

    Ignorance IS bliss ….and there is no way I would go back to being misinformed and miserable

    Give it a try …you don’t have to smile at people…. camp outside Neptune …or hug any trees…. but I promise you after awhile you will be content to just glance at a headline that takes your interest without reading into it …and will feel all the better for NOT getting frustrated over some made up story from the doomy gloomy media.
  5. The 'Yuff' of today are not taught to respect others, they learn it from videos that you get respect by threatening and bullying others.

    If you see someone being bullied/attacked then instead of crossing the road to help them, you cross the road to avoid becoming involved.

    Blame all of those less fortunate than you because how can it be your fault that something went wrong in your life

    and so on.

    If all else fails, blame the bloody french
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    UA, if you kept up with the news you would have known that another tradition has been deleted from our way of life, Fish and Chips are no longer wrapped in newspaper :roll:
  7. You must hate a Frenchman as you hate the Devil.
  8. Given the choice I'd take the Devil!!

  9. Seriously though, Brazen has an excellent point here. The country is free-falling in terms of morality, failure to look after the physical, medical and educational needs of our most vulnerable (young and old) and it seems hell bent on rewarding those who persistently break the rules (free iPods, Holidays, etc) or refuse to work (welfare state gone mad). Kids run riot in the streets and knife each other and we allow those who abuse our hospitality to continue to do so whilst standing by and doing nothing and then we chastise those who speak out as racists, homophobes, etc.

    Our leaders have primarily got their own interests at heart; I defy anyone to disagree! They shade us from the truth with avoidance and spin and, lets be honest here, the need to work towards getting re-elected is never going to permit a politician to make real change for the better as there are too many voters to placate with wishy-washy policies and initiatives which look good on the front page but achieve so little. I am reminded of the famous quote by someone ... "anyone wishing to be a politician should never be allowed to run for office" (or something like that).

    However, we can’t blame the politicians for everything; after all we put them in office. We’re all equally responsible. Perhaps the best way to make change is for people to stand up and use their voices and their votes. But we also need to teach our kids better manners and concepts of right and wrong, take a closer look at what they get up to in their spare time, look out for those who can’t look out for themselves and above all stop always looking out for No 1. We would also do well to treat our friends and neighbours better.

    You will be forgiven for reading this and thinking SF is a bleedin’ crank but if you’ll take a little Chinese philosophy onboard, that every good deed done to you should be repaid by you doing ten more for others, you would be making a good start.

  10. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Apart from some of the more obvious ones, can you honestly tell me there is a huge difference between say, Victorina and Edwardian Britain and of today? Violent crime and child abuse were rife, in the latter issue covered up conveniently by the church and a subscription to 'family values'. Violence to women and children was almost accepted as a society given, drinking to excess was hugely accepted and abandoned adolescents were roaming the streets in gangs. It barely recovered post WWI and poverty forced the country into another community spasm during the early thirties. What we are witnessing today is the fruits of an eternal peace and the spectacular sight of other people dying far, far away on the television. No-one has to commit to their country, and ambivalence is a disease for which the only cure is a national disaster.

    We have not come a great distance in our outlook. It is only our environment which has changed.

  11. BH, I seriously think you need to read Geoff Pearson's Hooligan: A History of Respectable Fears... which puts this moral panic in its correct historical context! The book is about preciswely the kinds of things you are moaning about. In my youth it was teenagers (we were all tarred with the same, Daily Mail type brush :evil: ), loud pop music, tobacco smoking at school, truanting and growing societal tolerance towards illegitimate children.

    Slim, I had two mums and two dads! I was adopted after being born illegitimately. My blood dad was Italian and my blood mother was Anglo-Welsh. My adoptive dad was from Plymouth and my adoptive mum from near Oldham. :lol: The new legislation will only place children with gay couples if there is nowhere else for the child to go - so it will be the exception, not the norm. However to take your point to its logical conclusion, perhaps Catholics and other religious minorities should be barred from having children for similar reasons. When I was at primary school, Catholic children were singled out, bullied and denegrated :evil: and just for an accident of parental religious lifestyle choice!

    SF, I must take issue with your contention that all politicians are in it for themselves. This is simply not the case. Most local and national politicians take pay cuts in order to stand for Parliament. For most politicians (like religious folk active in lobbying Parliament, etc) their primary interest is to change society and make Britain, etc., a better place to live, according to the particular ideological philosophy, methodology and lifestyle benchmark they subscribe to. What usually seems to happen is they then enter politics and discover that they have little or no influence on the things they are keenest on - unless they're lucky. This is especially so of Parliament where new MPs are frequently ex-local politicians who have made a name for themselves and upon joining Parliament have a shock when they discover they are at the bottom of the hierarchy all over again.

  12. It is still a sad reflection on our times, that should a child fall and hurt itself in the street, that i should be concerned, that if i went to help, someone would say, " What is that Old Man doing with that child "and for anyone to say that, that won`t happen, is talking a load of rubbish, its the blame culture.
    As an old man to go over and try to break up a fight with a gang of Teenagers, and get filled in for my trouble, and likely arrested for getting involved? It`s no wonder this country is going to the dogs.
  13. I agree Hig, though for different reasons. The safest, "sensible" thing these days is to turn then other cheek! The problem is that I would much rather help.
  14. A very good point there Hig. A few years back and whilst living on the Rowner married patch I was washing the car out the front and a young lad of about 8 rode past on his bike. He came a cropper and fell, cutting his knee open and was sobbing immediately.

    I rushed over to help him and asked him if he needed any help. He did and I took him into my quarter and bathed his kneed in surgical spirit and put a plaster on it for him. Offered him a drink and sent him on his merry way.

    When i mentioned it to the wife on her return from work, she gave me a bit of a preaching to and said I was an idiot to take him into the house as someone could have reported me. 8O

    That thought never occurred to me and I was just doing what any normal person would have done, but it does go to show how bad our society has become.
  15. Its not just the UK; i was unloading groceries into my car the other day when i observed this child (around three years old) climbing on a SUV at a height higher than my head. i get to within reaching range, in case he falls, at what point the mother runs up and says "what are you doing?" i explained that i was there in case he fell, whereupon she stopped being angry and was grateful... but still!
  16. When my daughter was born I thought things would be shared- you know feeding, nappy change etc-- but my OH felt really awkward about having to clean her bum-- I know some of you are thinking "oh come on..........."
    but seriously he couldn't do it- and I found out a few of my mates (male) were the same with their kids.................
    just goes to show how society is when a father feels bad about changing and cleaning his own child. :cry:
  17. I agree BH - society has made me scared to hold my niece or nephews, much less change one of them.
  18. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Levers is bang on here, post WW1 was probably worse than any time in recent history, poverty, disability, unemployment and a general apathy led to huge rates of both reported and unreported crime, rioting and blatant bigotry were rife, as he rightly points out some things which we now know to be unacceptable were just a part of everyday life.

    Personally I believe todays perception of a general failing in society is just that, a perception. We live in our little boxes, so interested in our own well being and wealth that the real world passes by with hardly a whimper, we are more inclined to listen to some moron on the box, who we know nothing about apart from the fact that their job, and therefore their livelihood is dependent upon spreading controversy and unrest dressed up as "news" than we are the "nosy neighbour" on the corner.

    I am fortunate enough to live in a small community of just 39 houses, I know all my neighbours, their kids, their cars, when they are on holiday etc. If a kid prats around in the street I have no qualms about giving him/ her a bollocking knowing that their parents share my view and my kids know to expect the same, similarly I will assist anyone in need of help, even a little kid knowing I am trusted in this community, it truly is a wonderful place to live. The shame is that this is my 7th home and the first that I have actually bothered to integrate into. There is a lot to be said for community spirit, the local pub and to some extent village isolation, we have no copper and yet I only know of one crime in 3 years (that was a broken window) This isn't some ideal community experiment, we have a gay couple, prison officers, East Europeans, crabs, matlows, pongoes, farmers, bankers, a couple of single parent families, labourers....... in fact most of the people in any other community, we just get on whether we like each other or not!
  19. No BH, what I can't understand is ANY man wanting to wipe his child's bum, or anyone else's for that matter! :twisted: Yuk!
  20. Brazenhussy.......Sounds like you're talking about the "State's. It's the same over here!

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