Valentino Rossi

As you say Brigham, a legend.......podium finish ( on crutches ) at Laguna Seca, said he was still in a lot of pain and could not lean the bike properly on his right side because of the broken leg, 3 week break now.
brigham600 said:
The man is a legend and probably one of the best racers evern along with Aggo and Giancarlo Falappa.

Total respect.
Hey, don't forget 'Foggy', the most successfult of all time in terms of the number of championships and number of race wins.
Good win for Stoner and Hayden pipping Lorenzo for 3rd, with Rossi's riding style I can see a few podiums in what will be his last hurrah in Moto GP on the Ducati.


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The Dr rocks!!!!!

I think when he hangs up his lid and his leathers are laid to rest, his record will speak for itself.
It will indeed wits, it will indeed. Best rider & bike racer I have ever 'seen' and he will be up there with those I have previously mentioned without any doubt.
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