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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Lingyai, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. So what about valentine's day. When I was a kid it was a day for sending anonymous cards to people you fancied., now it seems to be almost compulsory to get some flowers, chocs, sex toys for your missus or face the wrath. What happened? Do you bother with it?

    Oh yeah, on the subject, where the hell did father's day come from, they sneeked that one in eh? Clinton's cards perhaps?
  2. why the **** would i buy my missus some dying vegetation.

    get a new saucepan or some dishwasher tablets if your posh
  3. If I bought my wife flowers she would think I had been up to something no good (no good for her that is). Book my a seat at Playskool Lingy

  6. Now here's the questions...

    My Mrs said to me "Don't bother buying me anything for Valentines Day", so I haven't...yet ! :shock:

    Do I believe her, or if I don't get her something will I get that "I didn't really mean it you tight bast**d" line. :evil:

    On the other hand if I do get her something, will I get the "I told you not to get me anything" line? :roll:

    What is a bloke supposed to do, lose/lose situation again !

    I could always give her a sha9 I suppose ! :wink:
  7. I have had the same "Don't get me anything" line. So how p*ssed off was I when I got back from weekend and emptied my bag to find a cuddly toy and a card. Needless to say I was on the net first thing monday searching for flowers/chocs that could be delivered by valentines. Obviously this was hideously expensive compared with we nipping into Tescos at home! Now I ask myself - was this a deliberate ploy by the missus?
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Do you know the reason so many babies are born in October? Because so many people 'celebrate' Valentines Day... :wink:
  9. For me Valentines Day was a chance to give all those rats birds a smile and let them think that they were not that bad after all. Bring joy to those that don't get it often! :razz:
  10. Like all the GOOD THINGS we enjoy today Ling, it came from the Septics. You can't move in the card shops at times for perusers of cards for 'Grandfather's Day', 'Grandmother's Day', etc. I'm just waiting for "Second Cousin once removed Day" to come around as I've recently discovered one who is Sooooooooooooo worth cultivating, and only twenty years younger than me, on Families Reunited. Then I can take her out for a coffee at Starbucks followed by a Big Mac, or KFC, and who knows what might transpire?

    Note to self - Dream on you silly old git. You can just about stand up, and wouldn't know what to do with a Big Mac or anything else that hasn't been around since pre 1950!
  11. 2badge: "Like all the GOOD THINGS we enjoy today Ling, it came from the Septics" - LOL no wonder there is a funny smell if it all comes from a septic tank!
  12. I bought my missus a new bag and belt for valentines day

    The hoover works a treat now!!

  13. I approached the ladies in the Registry with this conumdrum, and they said don't get her anything. However, I still did and before I gave it to her she was moaning that she had nothing. Bloody women! :evil:

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