Vaccinations in raleigh

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by cushdee, Mar 2, 2011.

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  1. Hi all just a quick question, basically I was in the navy for roughly around 5 months which then I pvrd due to family issues but I'm looking to see what injections I would of had as I'm due to go working away in a few weeks. I didn't refuse any injections and I would of accepted everything. I left a about 2 years ago now and the navy do not give out the information over the phone what i did take. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated, also would I of had a medical card sent to me or would I of left it when I left the navy? A lot has happened since then I honestly can't remember.

  2. Your medical records would have been sent to your GP when you registered after leaving. He should have that info. If you haven't registered with a GP your probably snookered.
  3. Better not to enquire what they gave you. It will only frighten you to death. Ignorance is bliss
  4. The vaccinations you received depend on what you had already had prior to joining RALEIGH. On discharge, all vaccs and significant diagnoses are recorded on a form which is a sent to a GP which you nominated on your discharge paperwork.
  5. After speaking to my GP after leaving, she said unless we ask for them they will not be sent? although she did say if I was being treated or had a on-going illness they would have requested them. As I was fighting fit, she did not bother, then told me I was overweight!!!

    Have had "Bakers Knee" since, twice, might sue the mob, i'm sure i can point the blame there!! :)
  6. The info is sent. It's a summary sheet - if the civvy GP wants more info they can ask for it. They get a one page summary with height, weight, blood pressure, significant diagnoses and vaccinations.

    If they haven't got it, it's your fault for either supplying the wrong GP details or not passing the form on (if it was given to you).
  7. I had that on a jackstay transfer Newcastle/Black Prince Bloody Bos'n let the line slacken and the bread rolls for the wardroom fell on my knee. Bloody suffered I did. Told the doc and he said it was Housemaids knee like Tennis elbow. Nothing to do with the P.O. Baker- Go and work it off on some housemaid.

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