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Hi there, new to the forum and I am joining Raleigh on the 6th of July.

I've been having a bit of trouble obtaining my Vaccination and Immunisation History. My GP only has me down as having had my baby injections, when I know fine well I've had others through-out my school years.

I've had a scout through the forums and used the search function but couldn't find the info needed. Does anyone know where I would be able to obtain this information?



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I have the same kind of problem regarding medical history due to my notes being hold up somewhere within the Army "system". Providing I get that far I have resided to my arms becoming pin cushions once at Raleigh.


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It's not the end of the world if you cannot obtain your full vacination & immunisation history, but as indicated on joining instructions:

"Copy of Immunisation Certificate.

Recruits must obtain a copy of their immunisation history (obtainable from their General Practitioner or community Health Department of the Local District Health Authority) for production at the initial medical examination. Recruits not in possession of such a certificate will be assumed to require a FULL course of immunisations on joining"

Other alternatives are to check if your parent has a copy of your immunisation history on your Child Medical Health Record which is normally an A5 plastic-covered "owners manual" given to all bemused parents upon receipt of their bawling bundle of joy. Usually all height /weight measurements, together with vacinations & full service history can be found within this booklet. It's a great book, you can actually work out the predicted adult height of your child by a simple equation using the measured growth centiles against the weight graph. (My son is going to be 11 foot 13 inches according to the back of my fag packet.)

Er, oh yeah, back on track....

Fear not when I joined, I had to have the full hit & it didn't affect me in the slightest.

"And next week they are letting me nail blancmanges to the bulkheads, nurse".


Cheers for the replies.

I think the main problem has been unhelpful reception staff at the doc's office. They seem really reluctant to give me any sort of official print-out detailing my immunisations.

I'm really not that bothered about the injections, I have no fear of needles, it's more our mam who's pecking me like hell about getting it. Just want to shut her up.


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If your Practice Manager is being unhelpfull simply tell them you want to request a formal copy of your full medical records under the Data Protection Act.

Generally, it's less hassle for them to simply photocopy the bits you want rather than go through the rigmarole of a DPA request.


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Ah, the joys of dealing with 'Practice Managers and Non Medically qualified clerical staff' wanting to know why I want to see the Doctor. "None of your business" is my usual witty retort.


It sounds like work avoidance. TTFO. Failing that, get an appointment with your GP and ask him/her. S/he will be so pissed off at wasting an appointment to give you a photocopy of your notes that he'll bollock the receptionist. Sorted.

CoI: doesn't work in general practice, and thanks God for this fact every day (I'm a proper doctor!).

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