Vacant WIA slot in Spain - 28 July.


Lantern Swinger
Spanish Dave has had a late cancellation ... Help Them Out therefore has a vacancy for a WIA family or other very deserving cause in Spain wef Monday 28 July.

I know it's short notice, but ....

For the benefit of "the passing trade", may I just mention that Dave spends half his life blagging free accommodation for the wounded from Villa and Apartment owners in Spain who could be cashing £500 a week otherwise.

An empty space isn't just one 'deserving case' not getting a break ...

It's also an owner out of pocket [big-time] who may be disinclined to support Help Them Out in the future.

Over ....
linky to ARRSE Thread is HERE

PMs to Spanish_Dave through ARRSE, please.

No bullshit, please, he's a busy bunny. ;-)
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