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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by -buggy-, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. hi all, i have my pjft at 13:00 tomorrow im so nervous really hope i pass as i failed it last time :( ate too much before the run. does anybody have any tips that could help me ? i know i can pass it i ave before i just think i need to reassure myself !
    cheers mateys :walk:
  2. Perhaps if possible have a bowl of pasta around ten o clock.
    Or porridge instead.

    Good luck with the run :)
  3. hi m8 i passed mine and i hadnt done nfn for it its not hard do worrie

    an erm just dont give up an ya will be fine
  4. cheers guys :)
  5. Tips from my own experience of running:

    Breathe properly from the start of the run until the end.
    Dont just breathe properly when you feel you need to, do it from the start.
    Properly in my opinion is in through the nose out through the mouth btw.
    Light longer strides if you can.
    And just dont give up

    Hope it helps, it helps me ^_^
  6. cheers tailz i will try thati think i went for the " breathe when i felt i needed to " approach last time so will hopefully be ok ! does anyone know the slowest speed i can put the treadmill to just so i know if i can run at that speed i can pass?
  7. Last time I did my mile and a half I ate an English breakfast about an hour and a half before it. I drank lucozade and that helps give you a boost. Think it was sheer grit and determination and lots of running on the treadmill that helped me out.

    Keep running at least twice a week as this will build up your stamina and you will get faster.
  8. i have the lucozade at the ready ! when i was in the RN before i was at sultan , they made us do the mile and a half around the astro turf but i swear it was nowhere near 1.5 miles long lol. we also had to carry our pt kit on hangers to the gym which was quite amusing .
  9. Do you wear full kit when you do the run ?

    Or is it just clothes ?

    Sorry, i mean do you wear backpack etc etc ?
  10. just tshirt n shorts mate , i think the only time i had to carry anything at raleigh was durin the squad run around the base whereyou carry a 16 stone dummy on a strether with a man on each corner to hold it, good times
    ! are you joining up soon pantho?
  11. No, got to get healthy.

    Thinking of joining after my degree, or dare i say if i get bored...

    Not enjoying the course im doing at all and im only finishing year 1
  12. i take it you would be joining as an officer if you did join?
  13. Nope, i dont have 5 GCSE's.

    I went through, some shit would be an accurate way of saying it, during school. so did a BTEC in college.

    Dont like the idea of jumping is as an officer, thinking of C(IS) which someone pointed me towards.
  14. C(IS) is that a new branch?
  15. dont quote me on this but i think its

    Communications ( Intelligence Specialist )

    um.. i think its the new name for communications technician but u will have to ask ninja mate, don take my word for it as im not 100% certain but i think thats right.
  16. oh right well i do know someone who is C(IS) he said its a good branch, come to think of it i javent seen him for a long time ......
  17. <insert jaws music>

    Im sure they will find him ;)

    And yea, sounds good.
  18. they best do, he owes me a fiver :threaten:
  19. i cant sleep im so nervous about this blimmin run ! in 12 hours time i will know my future :s

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