Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by higthepig, May 9, 2006.

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  1. Was it VE day on Monday? not apeep anywhere,is this the PC Brigade worried that we may upset some europeans?
  2. Surprised there was little in the media.

    Mind you they are more interested in 2 Shags and this diabloical government.

    Bet all of the veterans of that war are pleased with the way Britain has turned out......not.
  3. They didn't forget 'Europe Day' today though :!:
  4. Not difficult to see why. I'm still giggling over that Google search for French victories! It hurts our mainland European neighbours that VE day was very much about Britain and the USA celebrating the end of the beginning. Appreciating, of course, the Russian endeavours in the East, I can't quite bring myself to celebrate anything that that animal Stalin was involved in. I know it's a fault of mine and I'm working on it, honest!
  5. Although quite young when this took place, VE Day, the feeling, even as a nipper, was one of outstanding pride in " my country". The relief was there too as I recall being straffed by the hun on the way to school so I could walk to school without getting shot. Without being too negative I feel very sad to see that once great nation being screwed , not only by the AHs Britain saved, but the bastards, read pollies, now selling the country to the highest bidder, GRRRRRRR

  6. All the VE and VJ celebrations were last year --the big Sixtieth Anniversary
    of the end of hostilities.

    Another reason for nil parades etc 2006 was the fact that most of the vets are getting on a bit and are getting fewer as time passes.

    I was just little then aswell in 1945-----------dodging doodlebugs and V2 rockets------------- used to go around collecting the expended cannon shells and cartridge cases from the air war . When we weren't under the stairs or in the shelter!!
  7. Although not around at the time of VE and VJ days, I can remember making Union Flags for Commonwealth Day at Primary School. The Commonwealth seems to have taken second place to Europe now. Still I was surprised (and pleased) when I was drafted to Gib in 86 that we had a Bank Holiday to celebrate.
  8. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Second Monday in March - still one of the standard occasions for dressing overall. At last I've been able to demonstrate a source branch bunting skill!
  9. Good for you matey. get them flags out ! There can be no finer sight than one of Her Majesties war canoes dressed overall !
  11. I can relate to that as I was 10yrs old when the war ended. The fact that the vets are getting to old to march should not be a reason not to march.

    The Oz vets from WW1 are thin on the ground and in some states have all past on, but that doesn't stop each State from having massive parades each April 25th. Those that can't march are transported in open top vehicles. Nov 11th and VE/VJ days are usually low key in OZ. The Viet Nam vets have their own day
  12. Hmmm! I didn't mean a full blown parade with guards and bands simply some kind of acknowledgment in the newspaper sort of thing. I understood from the initial comment there was no mention at all of the wonderful achievement by the British people, and I mean real Brits not the scrapings of the world. I sometimes wonder if the world would have been a better place under Hitler as it's such a ufkcngi mess now. :mrgreen:

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