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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by flano, Jun 15, 2008.

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  1. I understand all the V boats have two crews port and starboard. What dose the crew not on dutie do.

    i have had a look for this information but cannot find any.
  2. Apart from the boat that‘s in refit and the boat that’s going into refit, they’re Gold Crew. Before that, Gold Crew boats were those that came out of build. I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that there has always been at least one Gold Crew boat since 1996.

  3. x4nd

    Lost me there, what is a gold crew and just how are operational bombers crewed is it the old two crews sytem. It would be difficult to have more in these days of manpower shortages. Anyone who knows please let the rest of us in on the secret.


    It use to be that the off crew used the period for leave, training and promotion courses, to sort out departmental stores and problems. Plus general rest and recreation. It is possibly the same today but more than likley called something else.

  4. Gold crew is a similar concept to 5th watch, you (should) have the manpower of about one and a third crews (ish). The idea was the concept of the WEO from the boat that was in build at the time. He was a T boat man and so tried to bring T boat ways (5th watch system ) to the BN community.

    It’s still the same, although now you’d expect to do a lot by way of support for the other crew, duties etc

  5. Ta for the info x4nd
  6. Going slightly off topic,but when I was in Refit in Rosyth on Bombers I was also Shadow Crew and ended up on Revenge , 24 hours before going to sea on work up etc.

    Does the Refitting boat still supply Shadow crew or is it under another guise now ??
  7. When the US first conceived the idea of the Polaris deterrent patrols they assigned two crews to each boat and called them Blue and Gold. When the UK bought the system we called the two crews Port and Starboard. There was originally a body of trained and qualified sailors carrying out support roles in Faslane who were designated to go to sea at zero notice if a memeber of a ships company about to depar on patrol became unavailable for any reason, medical, compassionate or punitive. This became extended to include the bomber crew in refit and was refered to as the shadow crew. I have been out of the loop since 1990 but I bet it hasn't changed all that much.
  8. Back in the bad old days of Polaris there were two crews per boat Port and Starboard. Now pay attention..
    One crew, say Port, were on crew, starboard crew would assist Port crew in clearing down defects getting the boat ready for sea etc. Port crew would then take the boat of to sea for a mini shake down checking systems stirring the crew into shape. Return to Coulport take on or replace missiles torpedoes etc with some support from Starboard crew.
    Port crew then would go off to sea on patrol.
    Starboard crew would go off on patrol leave.
    When they came back of leave they would either go of and do courses as required volunteer for various activities like 'Guard boat' in Gib, recruiting office duties, parachute jumping etc and man the off crew offices above NTD. A couple of weeks prior to the boat returning all off crew would either go up the Command Team Trainer or Polaris school for of crew training.
    When the boat arrived back into Coulport Starboard crew would meet the boat and take over the boat getting a hand over from their opposite numbers where upon the Port crew would bugger off on patrol weekend.
    The cycle repeats itself for Port crew - Thats how it was.
    I know cos I was one of them there crews!!!
  9. You missed out the third crew. Whenever something went wrong, or something was discovered not to have been done correctly, Port crew and Stbd crew would always blame 'The other fucking crew'.
  10. All correct but you missed the biggest thing about getting back from patrol on the first night.

  11. thank you for the information boys :thumright:
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  15. O ino but "thank you for the information men" dose not sound right LOL

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