V-boat control room tour


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Anchor_Faced_Jack said:
Hi Nick........

and welcome to Rum Ration (RR)

I would explain what everthing is but I can't see the thing as I don't have a flach player on my PC :sad:
Anchor Faced Jack never went into the Control Room apart from his Part 3.



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Hi Nick, welcome to RR. Let me tell you what is going on.

The Guy in the white shirt is known as "ze kapitan" He is watching, Pinta, Josie, rivets, bergs and Nutty bags on the little tele screens in front of him, the three guys in blue are "the Crushers" they are watching Bootie and Blobby on the little red screen trying to find norks, the one in the middle is also drawing a picture of Norks. The Guy sprouting from the top of "Ze Kapitans" head is Andym rushing from the aft torpedo room to the sickbay in search of some swarfega for rivets ovvies rash.

(sorry all submariners, I couldn't resist) :lol:
spearfish said:
The comment was more to do with how modern the v boat looks compared the t!!
It looks all vey swish to me and nothing like a boats control room, but hell the S boats were all shiny and new when I left the mob.


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spearfish said:
The comment was more to do with how modern the v boat looks compared the t!!
They were built for a different purpose and in a different era. V boats haven’t got traditional search periscopes, unlike previous classes. Because of this (and other reasons I guess) the control room on a V boat is on two deck, not one deck. I’ve not seen the 360 video because like Anchor Faced Jack, my pc won’t let me, so I don’t know how much you can see.
This was obviously taken alongside the wall as there is nobody on the planes and there is no wrecker on the sytems console, or for that matter any dabbers sitting at SMCS asleep.
There are no periscopes because we now use a video camera attached to the periscope which is in the PVA on 1 deck.


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Again my puter wouldnt let me in but from the pictures on the BBC website, they have had a good tidy up. Good to see that there were no tag outs on the hydraulic plant - first time in a while! And that all the GIVs were working as well - again a novelty in harbour. Brings back fond memories. I bet the Kit Kat is still on top of the vent trunking above the SCOOW position! Also good to see a certain LWEM assuming the normal position, and that a certain LCh still hasnt lost any weight!

Anyone else know any of these usual suspects?


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Runsilentrundeep said:
:lol: :lol: :lol:
Its ok we still leave the ball of string by the tunnel doors so you can find your way fwd again :wink:
Only if I can find the handles in the first place, right? :lol:
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