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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by djmarkmclachlan, Jun 25, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has any useful info on these schemes; particularly the UY scheme, which sends folks off to Southampton Uni I believe? Information on anything related seems to be scattered all over t'internet and I'm not having much luck. Any info from anyone doing it/ done it, planning on doing it would be much appreciated!

  2. Are you the same 'djmarkmclachlan' from mfat and The Student Room? If so, you're a prick, f*ck off. If not, then the UY scheme is the commissioning of a rate or senior rate from the lower deck. The SUY scheme is the commissioning of senior rates. They are all over 26, and have generally sat on a waiting list for 2-3 years. They do a 2 phase course at BRNC, whereas UYs do the full thing (minus IST if they have enough sea time). None of the ones I have ever met have had anything to do with Southampton Uni.
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    If you can't be arsed to update your own website, then that doesn't show the sort of committment we're looking for, does it? :?
  4. Haha, right then. Think of me what you will - it's only your blood pressure that's rising.

    I'm aware of the basics; what I was more interested in was what it actually entailed, but it would seem you're not too much in the know as UY's definitely do Aero & Astro at Southampton, so I'll take any of your comments here on in with a pinch of salt. :)


  5. Exactly what do you want me to stick on there, pics of me in my 1's? Or off the back of Bulwark in my 4's? Oh wait, how about a pic of me inside a Sea King in Gosport - that's bound to impress the girls!

    Naw, I'll pass.

    My website has absolutely no relevance to my motivation or "committment" towards my services career, so you can go play that game elsewhere. Brilliant posts lads, cheers!

  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Your words, not mine... :roll:
  7. Yes... now can you please explain what relevance that has to anything remotely services-related?

  8. Take what you want fella, but I am where you want to be.

    I have met SUYs ranging from RM CSgt PTIs to sundodging chiefs. I don't see why they would have had anything to do with Southampton University.

    You're not building up a lot of favour here really are you? If you're not careful people are going to start thinking what they think on the other sites as well aren't they?...
  9. Having searched a few of your posts about being streamed single seat I have to say that response was rather predictable. However, you're not anywhere I want to be, because I have no aspiration to get my wings anywhere other than on my belt -- and besides you've not even CR yet.

    Anyway, for whatever reason you dislike me, I'm not entirely interested, but please refrain from being an ******** unless I directly insult you (which by all means post some posts from TSR and I'll pay them their due attention).

    I have read that WAFU UY's (not SUY's which are above the age of 26) get pulled and go to Southampton Uni for Aero & Astro Engineering after completing BRNC (selection seems to be an unknown variable via anything non-forces related, which I'm restricted to being a mere civvpop these days), but any further info is a guessing game. I'm simply wondering if it's worth my while applying with the intention of going down this route or sticking out with Glasgow's Aero Engineering and was hoping that someone may be able to shed some light on what the deal with the UY (and the SUY) schemes actually is. Glasgow is ranked 10th and Southampton 3rd in the UK according to the Research Assessment Exercise for Aerospace and Manufacturing Engineering - so I'm quite sure you can see my motivation, in a sense, from that (though I'm entirely committed to completing my time in the Navy, having a better degree to fall back/ afterwards is something I'm very interested in).

    Finally, as I've touched on above, I really don't care what anyone thinks of me over the internet - people like me in my own life, but really, I don't know why people would dislike me so much anyway, on TSR I've done a lot to try and help people wherever I can, asking for nothing in return; I guess I just hoped that some people may feel the same way over here on RR...

  10. I've always wondered why some people seem to see a need to sign their posts on forums, when their name is to the left of it anyway?
  11. If you know so much, why then, is a mate of mine on the UY scheme going to PORTSMOUTH uni?
  12. I don't see a "need" to, it's just a force of habit...

  13. You've got it wrong, I don't know so much - hence why I asked!

    Jesus, let's all jump on the pessimistic-sarcastic-bandwagon why don't we? Because one guy says he doesn't like me, for whatever reason. I wonder what it is that happened in your lifes/ career that made you all so unhappy that you feel the need to shoot someone down at every single opportunity - on the internet!

    So, rather than trying to make me look like an arse for asking, why not try and actually post a little about what he's went through to get there?

  14. Clearly your vision of the broader environment within which you work is pretty limited.

    Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme, which UY Es go onto, has established joint units at a number of universities, including Southampton.

    Thunderer division, at Southampton, was established as an RN unit after the closure of Crownhill monotechnic, and it was made into a joint unit in '02 or thereabouts after Shrivenham de-emphasised first degrees and the crabs and pongos started sending their applicants to civilian universities under DTUS.

    Each unit is commanded by an SO1 with a small staff of uniformed and civilian support.

    You may not understand why UYs, and indeed some SUYs might go there, that doesn't mean it's not a valid question.
  15. Now I don't know you nor do I recall ever having seen a post by you therefore I have no bias. My assumption is that you are serving, why don't you simply go to your DO or if you would prefer not to tell him or her, to the schoolie, or if you have access to a Navy net PC go online and check the DCI (yeh I know but there still DCIs to me!!). As to the UY going to Southampton, as Karma rightly states, I assume that what you are talking about is the degree courses that came into being on the closure of RNEC Manadon, again why don't you ask the question in work, are there no formally SUY or UY commissioned guys near you? I am sure that without any formal requesting all of this info is there for you to see.

  16. Karma, simply by referring to the UY as DTUS @ Thunderer Sqn I've been able to find a lot of information which I was previously unable to.

    Thanks again, much appreciated!

  17. IMD, I am no longer serving; I'm afraid I haven't set foot on Naval soil (nor metal) since June '05, so asking a DO is a no-go, nor is the Education bloke.

    The reasoning behind all of this is that I have a date for re-entry into the Navy as an AET (yep, again), but I aspire to become an AEO. Now, I could do ti the conventional way and finish with Aero @ Glasgow Uni first then apply direct (nice little 12k earner, too) but I'm not entirely sure this is what I'm interested in... as the idea of joining up and going to Southampton Uni, after perhaps a year or two, while serving sounds more up my street. I'm not entirely sure - which is why I'd rather find out as much as I can beforehand - as next time there's no way out!

  18. You're right, I don't know you from Adam, but take some advice if you weren't aware:

    Read your posts before you send them. You come across as a smart-arse. If you want genuine answers to genuine questions, then try to be a little more polite. As for the former, I will enquire to my friend when he gets back from Portugal in a few weeks time. If I remember I'll post or PM you.
  19. I do read them, albeit speedily, to ensure there are no spelling/ grammatical mistakes that stand out like a dog's dick and so as I'm not being offensive (which is why it's strange that aljh has such a disliking for me - but as I said it's his choice, I won't lose sleep over it). I did also search before I asked - however, on RR itself I brought up one result and that wasn't giving away too much.

    I think I have been quite polite, if I'm honest; aljh came on here calling me a prick and to f*ck off and generally hasn't helped me whatsoever. I didn't raise to the bate and bring the thread down to it's knees, however, as I genuinely would like some help as finding information anywhere outside of here (including the AFCO) is proving rather difficult!

    As for coming across as a smart-arse, I'm not entirely sure why that is; perhaps I am not as not-so-clued-up as most newbies who come on asking the same questions over, and perhaps that makes me look like a knot-it-all, but I'm certainly not, and never proclaimed to be.

    Thanks though, that would be very much appreciated. Out of interest, did he go through as a WAFU?

  20. PO Tiff. Greenie. Bit of a rarity really, as they normally put SR's on the SUY scheme I believe. Def a UY though and on his way to Pompey uni to top up his FD to a full degree. In the case of another person I know, she passed for UY and did Tiff's course first, then to Southampton uni for a top up. Guessing the Navy saved some money by doing it that way. Anyway, as I said, he's abroad for the summer, but I'll ask him about it when he gets back.

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