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Discussion in 'History' started by seafarer1939, May 18, 2010.

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  1. Watched this on DVD from Amazon,great cheap buy and a decent series as I never watched it first time around.
    My question is! did we booby trap any of our bombs, as they did, in order to catch out the German bomb disposal squad?Knowing the Nazi's I suspect they would have used prisoners to do the job.
    I know nowt about bomb disposal only that I wouldn't have the bottle for such a career.
    Also reading "Eight men Down" the story of a Bomb disposal officer in Ireland,Iraq etc.
    Makes me sweat just reading it.
    They truly are men/women of immense courage, I am in awe of them as I am for all our Forces out there.
  2. Interesting questions that deserve proper answers. From 'Designed to Kill - Bomb Disposal from World War I to the Falklands' by Maj Arthur Hogben RE:

    Luftwaffe Bomb Disposal Officer at work
  3. I remember reading a book or watching a film a long time ago of bomb disposal guys in Germany after the war --all volunteers clearing ordnance from buildings etc .

    They pooled their money and it was a last man standing takes the pot set up . Good story line anyway.

  4. Such last-man-standing schemes are known as 'tontines' but I'm not familiar with the story you describe.
  5. I think the film you mean is. " Ten seconds to hell " ( the phoenix) 1959
  6. Thats probably the one thanks Andy. The Phoenix.

    Think I saw it as a Tv movie offering! later than 1959 anyway


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