Utter madness ?

Forgive the mention of this oxygen thief but with insanity of paying such huge sums of money for her garbage WTF next , an empty dog food can ? farcanal

Hilton rubbish auction reaches $US1.5m
Saturday Jun 30 08:00 AEST
AP - An empty gourmet dog food can plundered from Paris Hilton's rubbish bin has launched an eBay bidding war reaching $US1.5 million ($A1.8 million).

A pair of enterprising scavengers from the website HollywoodStarTrash.com also put three other Hilton items for sale on eBay: a used toothbrush, an autographed postcard and a fan letter to the celebrity heiress.

The highest bid for those was $US285 ($A340.56) offered for the toothbrush. Bidding closes Sunday.
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