Utilizing Ethnic diversity. (Or methodical begging)

Where I last lived, progressively different ethnic groups (be it on a small scale) started to influx into our area.
Now Tamworthians (of which I am not) do not like outsiders. To be honest they do not like change of any kind, so when Brummies started arriving on the overspill from Birmingham in the late 60's early 70's most of the old school "Tammies" were almost apoplectic.
The first time I arrived here in 69 fresh from the far flung I was greeted with an almost physical wall of disbelief.
The average Tamworth male was almost neanderthal, in his approach to women most insisting their diner was on the table (hot) when they arrived over the threshold. Slapping the missus for minor transgressions was a daily event in most house holds. Little things like having an opinion, or at least airing it.
So when johnny foreigner started arriving in this sleepy little market town, it was more than most could endure.
As low life scrote was the terminology used to describe a Brummie or in fact any non Tammy, just imagine the reaction to people from as far away as India or Newcastle on Tyne.
Luckily all that changed and now at least the Geordie's have been sort of accepted even though most where banned to the coal fields.
Me I just go around announcing to all new ethnic groups that I would love to taste their ethnic dishes and beverages.
The amount of freebie dinners I have had is phenomenal and the times I've been pissed on glop with names I cannot pronounce is unmeasurable.
And if it all goes tits up in the distant future, who gives a fuck I will be dead and most I know by then.
Viva la difference.
We should keep the sgnt Peppers out of this country, after all any twat can grow a potatoe and the geordies will always give you a chip sarnie.
His polish wife can stop if she dont over do the Bigos.tongue8:

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