USS Princess Diana - Marvellous

Chalky said:

No idea if anyone has picked up on this, but I for one am thrilled.

Now I have a brand-new, always handy, trump-card of a Yank Basher to wheel out at every opportunity.

Amazing. I thought it was a joke when I read it. Whatever next? Perhaps we need a skimmer called USS Camilla, then we could have a headline in the future: Princess Diana sinks Camilla :lol:
Talk about an unlucky boat. Who will have the balls to serve on a boat that is named after a mentaly unstable bird with a fodness for extra marital affairs with arabs :oops:
All she did was embarrass the royals.
The americans say it is a tribute, sounds more like a dig to me but then there is always the possibility that the yanks are naive???????????

Mind you, I worked on a ship last year called "calamity jane" superstitious sailors need not apply...


Lantern Swinger
ooopppssss Diana's going down again in the Gulf, oh and now in the Med, and no in the Pacific. Ohhhh she's full of Se'a'men again......

The chortles are endless.

Wonder if Prince Charles will be invited to board Princess Diana and get inside her one last time.....they may even ask if he wants to go down on her again....mind you he'lll be used to it, going down on something that has had a stack of other blokes going down on previousley.

I take it that Princess Diana will be dry? Only if she was British would she be wet.

Ithankyou............ tip your waitress on the way out.

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