USS PORTER visits Mombasa

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by McCloggie, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. Have just heard on BBC WOrld Service that USS PORTER is visiting Mombasa. It is newsworthy I suppose because it is the first time a US ship has made an official visit since the US Embassy was blown up a few years ago.

    Listening to the CO and a US Admiral however got me thinking as they explained what a great job they were doing securing sea lanes from piracy etc. and how great the US Navy was.

    A quick check of the RN web site shows we have two ships there or there abouts (Scott and Argyle?).

    Kenya was a UK colony and has links with the UK so, question is, do we still visit there and show the flag? Is the RN active off Kenya keeping international sea lanes open?

    Purely on a selfish point, we will be sailing from Singapore later this year and are going through ISPS in readiness - will the RN be around to keep the international sea lanes open in the Far East?

  2. Mombassa, Sunshine Bar and the land of Woodies and Tusker Beer. Killick of the mess always flogged the Scranbag for some carvings but it was fun watching the locals strutting round in Burburries and odd sized football boots and trainers.
  3. Sounds great Stan - wish I had been there!

    BUT..... when was this?

  4. Well I haven't been there since 66 when it was great. I wonder if you can still tellthe profesional girls being shipped in for the visit as they get of the Nairobi train because they all are wearing the same style new dress.
  5. Last time I wa there was in YORK in 92 it wasn't as good as 86 in MANCHESTER on Global. 10 months round the world and divorced soon after I got back wonder why?? But even then the tourist spots were really taking off its expanded all the way down to Malindi now getting as bad as Dubai. Just very sad ref the riots they are such good people.
  6. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    I wouldn't put too much faith in that website's operations picture. There are some ships managing to be in two places at the one time (yes I know it is expected) and at least two currently EoS that don't get a mensh at all. Must be in stealth mode.
  7. Got stranded there in 72 waiting for RFA Relient enroute to Beira patrol.
    Cracking run ashore even if was only a bit of skin.
    Had my brand new brouges nicked from outside my room in the hotel,didnt realise they left shoes outside them for religious reasons.Hope they went to a good home.
    Still have some of the carvings I bartered for.

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