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USS Carl Vinson hands to Basketball Stations


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Do Septics play deck hockey?

Considering the amount of body armour they wear for their bastardised version of rugby, they wouldn't be able to move once the game got started and the sticks start demolishing shins.


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i dont think the septics would play Deck Hockey seaweed. Its far too tough for them lol.
Them were the days though. Sandels or DMS Boots overall trouser legs rolled up. Skinned Knuckles and/or Shins from getting rapped by someones stick. Running like mad to get the puck you nearly leg it over the side, Happy Days.
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I think the whole thing is a waste of deck chair space. Imagine how many Woo's are dipping out of a tan because of a bouncy ball game.


Lantern Swinger
Look at the Parkay flooring, Ronsons whould be rubbing there hands. Instead of chipping and painting us Flight deck boys would be singing ronsons song "We are the wood presavation society, we are the wood presavation society". bring back the noneskid paint.
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